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November 29


The winners of the official city award for the most successful companies operating in our city “Saint Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen” are the company Insono, for the most successful beginner in the business, Johnson Electric for the largest exporter, Leoni for the largest employer, Trade Prest in the category of the most successful company – small enterprises, Put Inzenjering for medium-sized enterprises, Philip Morris for the most successful Big enterprise, while the award for the most corporate responsible company was given to Bakery Pekar Brankovic. Regional Chamber of Commerce of Nis, Pirot and Toplica District was awarded for the greatest contribution to the local economic development of Nis. The winners were presented at the ceremony at the City Hall by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović, City Assembly Speaker Rade Rajković, City Councilor for Economy Mihajlo Zdravković, President of the City Economic Council Dragan Milošević, President of the Society of Nis Economists Boban Stojanović and Chief of the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects Milan Randjelovic. The gathered guests were greeted by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, who emphasized that he was pleased by the fact that, from year to year, new companies appeared among the laureates, which confirmed that the business climate was positive in Nis. He also emphasized that he was proud to see that among the winners there were foreign companies that successfully operated in our country and employed a large number of our fellow citizens for more than a decade, which confirmed that Niš had skilled workforce, that it was a good host and a reliable partner to all those who came and stayed here. On behalf of their respective companies Insono Director Dejan Ciric, Director of Johnson Electric Operations Sasa Mladenovic, Director of Leoni for Serbia Klemens Saks, Director of Prest Trade Predrag Stankovic, the representative of Put Inzenjering Lela Mitic, Corporate Affairs Manager for Southeast Europe at Philip Morris Jelena Preradovic Stevanovic, director of the Brankovic Bakery Ivan Nikolic and director of the RCC of Nisava, Pirot and Toplica districts Aleksandar Milicevic thanked the city. The Saint Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen Award was established in 2017 and is awarded for the results achieved in the previous year, as well as for the exceptional contribution to the local economic development of the City of Niš, based on relevant data obtained from relevant institutions, as well as on the basis of the reference associations.

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November 20


The Government of Sweden-funded United Nations Development Program (UNDP)  Project Platform for Responsible Public Financial Management will work to strengthen partnerships between local government units and civil society by building a more transparent approach to funding civil society organizations from local government budget in accordance with local needs. The project will also contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Development Agenda. The Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the City was signed in Sabac, in the presence of Minister without portfolio Slavica Djukic Dejanovic and UNDP Permanent Representative in Serbia Francine Pickup. On that occasion, City of Nis Assistant Mayor Marina Kostic emphasized the importance of establishing a unique methodology for allocating funds to civil society organizations from the budget of local self-governments. In accordance with the principles of participatory democracy and European Union standards the priorities are strengthening responsible local government, transparency and governmental actions towards the needs of citizens, as well as enhancing public and citizen participation in public policy-making. The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to eradicate poverty, protect the environment and ensure peace and prosperity for all. The aim of the project is to provide technical support to selected local governments: Bac, Raska, Vrnjacka Banja, Valjevo and Nis to adopt and implement a more transparent, development-oriented and project-based approach to NGO funding over the next two years. They will commit themselves to allocate funding for NGO projects more transparently, that is, to apply transparent criteria and procedures in the allocation of public funds and to allow a participatory approach in defining local priorities


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November 19


The Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Ambassador Sam Fabrizi visited Nis where he met with Mayor Darko Bulatovic and then presented certificates for the implementation of 19 projects that would improve GIS in 34 local self – governments. The European Union will support the acquisition of software and hardware and other computer equipment through the EU PRO program with 1.7 million euros, which will help local-governments create the preconditions for sustainable development. With these tools, local governments will be able to collect, process, and manage spatial data in one place, better plan local development and resource management, while local government employees will receive GIS training. At the certificate awarding ceremony it was also said that the development of geographic information systems will allow for better spatial and urban planning, promoting tourism potential, preserving and promoting cultural, natural and urban heritage, and will make it easier for local governments to respond to citizens and investors. As an end result of GIS implementation, it was pointed out that the number of investments and jobs is expected to increase. After the ceremony held at Nis City Hall the Ambassador visited the Ni-Cat cluster and the StartUp center at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering.


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November 8


Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with new Ambassador of France to Serbia Mr. Jean Louis Falconi on the occasion of the Ambassador’s visit to Nis. During the discussions the special emphasis was put on the realization of the project of archeological research of the city field and Nis Fortress, which included experts from France, more specifically from the city of Arles, which has been cooperating with Nis for several years. Ambassador Falconi said his first visit to Nis was motivated by cultural-university co-operation between the two countries and that he would attend the conference of university departments for French language in Serbia. He would also visit secondary grammar school Svetozar Markovic and its bilingual French Serbian class. Later that day Ambassador Falconi also opened the exhibition entitled France emotion at Nis National Library. The international exhibition France eMotion, created by the tourism and culture cluster Atout France in partnership with the French Institute, takes the viewer on a unique walk into exploring French cultural heritage, at the intersection of photography, augmented reality and digital animation. The exhibition is being held within the “Digital November” organized by the French Institute. Digital November is a worldwide meeting of digital cultures that takes place in 40 countries over the course of a month, at the initiative of the French Institute.



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Mr. Andrey Manchenkov, former deputy head of the National Emergency Management Center of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations, is the new co-director of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center. The new Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center co-director was introduced today at the reception with Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur at City Hall, and the meeting was attended by Vladimir Solovjov, Head of the Department for International Cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. Manchenkov stressed that there was a firm conviction of the Russian side in the further successful work of the center and in the introduction of new elements in its work. “At my meetings at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belgrade and the Embassy of the Russian Federation I was welcomed with positive prospects for the future. There have been many compliments for everything that the center has done so far,” Manchenkov said. Solovjov said on this occasion that the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center differed from many ministries and institutions precisely in that it dealt with the rescue and safety of people regardless of political views and skin color. “We believe that the center has a great future perspective because its primary goal is to save and protect people, not only in the Nis city area, but wherever it is needed,” said Solovjov. The Delegations from Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center and the City of Nis laid wreaths on the monument to fallen Russian pilots at the Memorial Complex of Former Concentration Camp Crveni Krst


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November 7


The ambassadors from the so-called Arab Group – Ambassador of Palestine Mr. Mohammed Nabhan, Ambassador of Algeria Mr. Abdelhamid Chebchoub, Egyptian Ambassador Mr. Mohamed Aljowaily, Ambassador of Kuwait Mr. Yousef Abdulsamad, Ambassador of Morocco Mohammed Belhaj, Ambassador of Tunisia Mr. Seyf Rejeb, the Charge d’ Affairs of the Embassy of Libya, Mr. Mounir Abougharin, the Ambassador of Iraq  Mr. Fakhri Hassan Mahdi Al-Issa, visited Nis, where they met with Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Nis Regional Chamber of Commerce . The presentations of the city and economic potential were also held, and the representatives of eight Arab countries also visited the Yumis factory, which exported products to the Egyptian market. “We are pleased that today we are talking to eight ambassadors of Arab countries and in this way we are contributing to the overall policy of Serbia in supporting this part of Serbia, because today we are working together with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and our Regional Chamber of Commerce,” said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic. “We also have the representatives from our local companies operating in the markets of these countries. We will discuss cooperation in different fields, in culture, education, science, health, sports, as well as possible new airline routes to these cities. Together with the Serbian and Regional Chamber of Commerce we will improve the operating conditions of our companies and bring them closer to the markets of these countries. Some of the companies from Nis already do business with some of these countries, and we hope that after the meetings this cooperation can be expanded “said Mayor Bulatovic.



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October 29


The delegation of the Austrian Employment Service, which is the guest of the Nis branch of the National Employment Service, met with Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic. The aim of the meeting was to present to the representatives of the Austrian delegation the local government, which was good example when it came to investing locally in active employment policy measures implemented in the city for several years. One of the information heard on this occasion is that Austrian companies operating in Serbia employ more than 20,000 people, but that 38,000 Serbs have citizenship in Austria. In 2018 alone, 3,000 new approvals were issued, 2,000 of which were through employers, and 1,000 were personal requests and these are people with higher education, In this country, most Serbs are employed in construction and masonry, and then in tourism. Many people work as cooks or waiters, but there are many in the metal industry. “The National Employment Service of the Republic of Serbia has traditionally had good relations with the Austrian Employment Service, especially since 2015 when we signed the protocol on cooperation between the two services. During this period we had the opportunity to learn from a well-organized service, if not the best in Europe, how to apply some of their experiences, how to work with employers, with unemployed persons, how to use funds for programs and measures of active employment policy” said Zoran Martinovic, the director of the Serbian National Employment Service. In Serbia, about 500,000 people are currently registered with the National Employment Service, and this number is decreasing from month to month. The unemployment rate is 10.3 percent, the lowest ever recorded. We hope to get closer to the European rate.