ADŽJanuary 15, 20213min0

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the director of Public Water Management Company Srbijavode  Goran Puzović visited the water affected areas by the Nišava River from Vrežina Bridge to the mouth of the South Morava River and talked to the residents of  the villages of Trupale, Popovac and Mezgraja.

Puzović told the residents of these settlements that PWMC Srbijavode would clean Nišava riverbed of trees and reefs this year so that the water could flow smoothly in similar circumstances. A team of experts from PWMC Srbijavode and the City of Niš will go out on the field and suggest a way to strengthen the embankments in those places where Nišava threatened to overflow and endanger buildings and the population to a large extent, which would be a short-term measure, Puzović said. PWMC Srbijavode and the City of Niš will work on the preparation of technical documentation in order to solve the problem of regulation of the Nisava  River permanently, said Puzović, talking about the long-term plan of measures.

“The locals received a promise that the Nišava riverbed will be cleaned very quickly and that the risk of floods will be significantly reduced,” Mayor Sotirovski pointed out. The cooperation between the City and PWMC Srbijavode is very successful, as evidenced by the consent of PWMC Srbijavode to give us the land in the old riverbed of the South Morava River for the relocation of the wholesale market, said Niš City Mayor. According to her, the City is ready to fulfill the requests of all suburban settlements, including those that belong to the City Municipality of Crveni Krst, in terms of regulating the sewerage network and atmospheric waters.

The Vrežina bridge is not safe and will be demolished, and then a new one will be built. The City of Niš has allocated 80 million dinars this year for the demolition of the bridge and the preparation of documentation for the construction of a new one. It was pointed out in the conversation that the responding to emergency situation due to the torrential rivers once again confirmed the unity of the government and the people, the state and the local self-government, which was also approved by the locals.



ADŽJanuary 15, 20211min0

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and her associates visited the workers of winter communal services and personally checked the condition of the roads in the urban and rural area and their cleaning from snow and ice. The workers of the winter communal services informed the Mayor about the state of mechanization and the condition of the roads in the urban and rural area, as well as about the equipment of the workers for working in winter conditions.


ADŽJanuary 15, 20211min0

The Circle of Serbian Sisters from Niš joined the action entitled Together for Children’s Smiles of the Foundation Together for Youth founded by Prof Danica Grujičić, MD, in collecting food and toys for children in Kosovo and Metohija. Niš citizens can donate to the Circle of Serbian Sisters sweets, toys, as well as long shelf life groceries that will be distributed to soup kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija on January 19 from 12.00 to 18.00 in the Shopping Center “Kalca”, first floor, block B, local 62. Gifts will be given to children in Kosovo and Metohija on January 27 and 28 this year. The action, which was supported by the City of Niš, is being organized with the blessing of Bishop Teodosije of Raška and Prizren.


ADŽJanuary 15, 20211min8

Niš Police Department responded to the Letter from Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski in which she asked them to state what the Traffic Police needed in the equipment and what were the “black spots” in the city that needed to be regulated in order to improve traffic safety. Niš PD proposed the installation of protective pedestrian fences on city streets where it was possible to develop higher speeds such as boulevard-type streets, as well as a speed control cameras. At the session of the City of Niš Council for Traffic Safety it was concluded that dividing islands in the middle of the street roadway and protective fences would be set up in Knjaževačka Street and at several locations in the city. An order was also given for the development of a project-technical task for the installation of surveillance cameras. The  City of Niš Traffic Safety Council will meet once a month to monitor and analyze the traffic safety on the streets in Niš.


ADŽJanuary 13, 20211min13

New benches have been set up on central city square in the part that was completed in accordance with the urban planning project. After the completion of the Fortress Bridge the same type of benches will be set up there as well. The benches with slots accompanied with trees and “drop by drop” micro-irrigation system and underground lighting will be placed at the central city square between the newly built fountain and the monument dedicated to Petar Bojović.


ADŽJanuary 13, 20211min13

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski visited the flood affected areas in the Nišava and South Morava River basins last night and early this morning.  Seven households located at Vrežina Bridge are affected by floods and the bridge is closed for traffic.  The River Nišava threatened to endanger Medijana spring. The river is now stagnant and it is declining in the area of Bela Palanka. The residents of Medoševac and volunteers who organized themselves through social networks, about 200 of them, are filling sandbags to strengthen the embankments. According to the locals this level of the Nišava River was last recorded in 1974. It is critical in Popovac and Lalinac. Mechanization was engaged in Trupale since the water entered the yards and threatened to flood the interior of the houses.


ADŽJanuary 12, 20211min12

The water from the city water supply system is safe to drink and it is confirmed by Niš Institute for Public Health and the Republic Sanitary Inspection, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski. “Depending on the condition of the springs and the purity of the water they are gradually being included in the system and the citizens should not worry about the water supply,” the Mayor told reporters. The teams of PUC Naisus are in the field and the water quality control has been intensified, Mayor noted. Drinking water tanks have been sent to critical places in the higher parts of the city area. Water quality is also controlled in rural water supply systems.  Niš City Council Member Miroslav Djokić told reporters that extraordinary flood protection measures are in force for the area of South Morava River and that the areas of Mezgraja, Donja Toponica, Trupale and Popovac are endangered, and the bridge towards Lalinac is closed. Teams are working in the field to eliminate the consequences of the storm.


ADŽJanuary 12, 20211min11

“I am appealing to the citizens of Niš to apply through e-government for vaccination in order to stop the pandemic and “bid farewell” to the corona virus, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski inviting citizens to register for the vaccination.  “Let’s welcome New Year 2021 according to the Julian calendar with dignity, respecting all epidemiological measures and with our close families”, as Mayor Sotirovski said in her statement  to the press reiterating that there would be no organized celebrations.


ADŽJanuary 11, 20211min12

The City Team for Emergency Situation Management declared a state of emergency due to natural disasters caused by last night’s storm. Heavy rains caused turbidity of all springs for water supply in Niš which was why they were disconnected from the water supply system. Water supply is provided from the Mediana spring, which is why the users in the higher parts of the city, if the turbidity persists, will be left without water. The city is undertaking measures to normalize water supply. The water in Niš water supply system is of good quality, chemically and biologically correct, and the control of water quality in the system has been intensified by the competent institutions and PUC Naissus as it was said at the session of the City Team for Emergency Situation Management. The on-call teams are monitoring the condition of the watercourses and eliminating the consequences of the storm. The on-call teams of power supply company are eliminating faults in the electricity network in the areas where the power supply to the users was interrupted. Landslides are being repaired.


ADŽJanuary 11, 20211min20

Ceremonial session of the City of Niš Assembly and the laying of wreaths at the Monument to the Liberators marked the Day of Liberation of Niš from the Turks. At the ceremonial session of Niš City Assembly the Deputy Mayor Dušica Davidović and the President of Niš City Assembly Boban Džunić presented the highest recognition of the City, the January 11th Award to Mr. Miloje Branković, a prominent businessman from Niš and honorary consul of the Republic of Hungary in Niš, as well as to Mr. Novica S. Randjelović, professor, economic historian and publicist. The 11th January Award was posthumously handed over to the family of the deceased Saša Seferović, an anesthetist, a fighter on the front line against coronavirus. The awarded teams are the Health Care Center Niš and the music ensemble Lutajuća Srca.