ADŽJuly 28, 20211min0

On the occasion of remembering the day when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in 1914 a wreath was laid on the memorial plaque located on the building of the University of Niš and the victims of the Great War were honored. The wreath was laid by Niš City Council Member Predrag Stojanović together with the president of the Circle of Serbian Sisters Ljiljana Stojanović and the president of the Association for Nurturing the Liberation Wars from 1912 to 1920 Branislav Radovanović. The telegram about the declaration of war on Serbia arrived in Niš and was handed over to the  Prime Minister Nikola Pašić, whose office was located in the building of today’s University of Nis. In the period from July 1914 to October 1915 Niš was the seat of the Government and the National Assembly of Serbia.


ADŽJuly 26, 20212min5

The delegation of South Sinai and the Embassy of Egypt together with Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and her associates visited the Science and Technology Park where they got acquainted with the functioning of the STP, and then visited several companies working in the Science and Technology Park which is a regional center for dynamic development of innovative science and technology, technological entrepreneurship and the conquest of high and advanced technologies. The director of the Science and Technology Park Milan Randjelović presented to the guests the exhibits in the Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage from the time when Niš was the city of electronics. The members of the delegation expressed interest in establishing a mini science and technology park in Sharm el-Sheikh within the university there, with the professional support of the Science and Technology Park and the University of Niš. Talks on student exchange continued, within the framework of the signed document on cooperation between the two cities, and the two sides agreed to consider the possibility of two students from Niš studying at university in Sharm el Sheikh at the engineering departments with the scholarships provided by Sharm el Sheikh and vice versa. The delegation of South Sinai and the Embassy of Egypt ended their stay in Niš with a tour of the Science and Technology Park.


ADŽJuly 26, 20213min5

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the Governor of the South Sinai Province Mr. Khaled Fouda signed the Letter of Intent on establishing cooperation between Niš and Sharm el-Sheikh. With this document we commit ourselves to cooperation which we will leave as our legacy to future generations to carry on. The agreement will be useful for our businessmen, tourist and health workers and producers of agricultural products, as well as workers from other areas, Niš City Mayor pointed out. We are especially looking forward to the exchange of our students and the cooperation of our and their university, stated Dragana Sotirovski. According to her, during the two days of their stay and tour of Niš and its surroundings, a lot of topics were opened, primarily in the field of tourism. Establishing cooperation with the South Sinai region will benefit not only Niš, but also this part of Serbia. Our intention is to connect our two cities, Nis and Sharm el-Sheikh, by direct flights. We sent a clear message to the guests that we need a partner for the construction of the Expo Center and for the construction of the hotel, stated Niš City Mayor. Governor Fouda said that the signing of the document was the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation. He thanked for the invitation to visit Niš and added that their intention was to develop cooperation in various fields and strengthen cooperation in the economic field. The Ambassador of Egypt, Amr Aljowaily, expressed satisfaction that the negotiations on cooperation between the two cities were made official by signing a document which would be the basis for further cooperation and was the most pragmatic way in which the two communities can cooperate for mutual benefit. At the meeting in the Regional Chamber of Commerce with domestic businessmen, tourist workers and the director of the company “Airports of Serbia” Mihajlo Zdravković many new ideas about cooperation were heard. According to the assessment of the Chamber director Aleksandar Milićević the meeting was very meaningful, and the perspectives and possibilities for cooperation are very great.


ADŽJuly 25, 20212min5

After the meeting and agreement between Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the Ambassador of Egypt to Serbia Amr Aljowaily in mid-June this year the delegation of South Sinai and the Embassy of Egypt arrived in Niš where they visited the archeological site Mediana, Oblačina Lake, Health Institute Radon and the Monument Scull Tower. The delegation of South Sinai includes the owners of the largest hotel chains in Sharm el-Sheikh and its surroundings. The Egyptian delegation listened with great attention to the presentation of the archeological site and got acquainted with the ongoing works on Mediana. They tried cherries which are grown in the area of Oblačina Lake and saw plantations of that fruit. They are very interested in cooperation with spa centers, health tourism and construction of hotels, said Niš City Mayor. She pointed out that the guests expressed interest in developing a joint park of friendship between Serbia and Egypt. Tomorrow, we will sign the Protocol on cooperation in the field of health, tourism, culture and other areas. The delegation of South Sinai Province and the Embassy of Egypt will meet with tourist workers and domestic businessmen, as well as with the management of “Airports of Serbia” in the Regional Chamber of Commerce, announced Mayor Sotirovski. The governor of South Sinai Khaled Fouda expressed his enthusiasm for what he saw and heard about Niš.Niš City Council Members Adriana Anastasov and Nenad Stanković, Acting Director of the Tourist Organization of Niš Dragana Petković, President of the City Municipality of Niš Banja Dušan Živković and representatives of the National Museum took part in the tour and visits with the Mayor of Niš and guests.


ADŽJuly 22, 20211min15

The City Council gave the “green light” for announcing a public call for the participation of companies in the implementation of energy efficiency measures in households for reconstruction of facades and replacing carpentry. The decision on joining the project “Improvement of the Tourist Offer of Special Interest in Niš” was adopted. The characteristic goal of the project is to improve the existing communal infrastructure in the Cerjanska Cave Visitor Center, as well as to improve the accessibility to the paragliding airfield and the very airfield space in accordance with the necessary standards for maintaining world and European paragliding achievements. The City Council adopted the proposals for the development plans for the settlements of Sićevo and Rujnička Reka, and agreed to start drafting the Strategy for the Youth of the City of Niš for the period 2021-2026 together with the Action Plan.


ADŽJuly 19, 20211min16

I would like to congratulate all members of the Islamic community on the occasion of Eid al-Adha wishing them to spend the holiday in peace. I wish you and your families good health, forgiveness, mutual understanding and respect, hope for better future with coexistence, tolerance and helping each other with full respect for the differences that unite us, not separate and divide us. I wish you to spend the holiday in joy and in the spirit of Eid al-Adha.

Niš City Mayor

Dragana Sotirovski


ADŽJuly 16, 20212min19

The first wedding ceremonies will be organized today in the Officers’ Mess Building in a newly equipped and decorated space. The new wedding ceremony venue was visited by Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and her associates. This new venue is a historically important place where the National Assembly of Serbia met during the Great War. The ceremonies will be held to the music of Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn, in the ceremonial hall and in front of wedding officiants in ceremonial uniforms with ribbon in the colors of the flag of the Republic of Serbia.  The ambience is solemn, and the wedding officiants will represent the City of Niš in the right way with their appearance and new uniforms, said Niš City Mayor. The Mayor wrote her wishes for the couples who will be married in this place on the first page of the book of impressions. Acting Head of the Administration for City Bodies and Civil Status, Marina Janković, said that the Mayor recognized the importance of the registry office as an integral part of the administration and thanked for the understanding for the needs of that service. The coordinator of the wedding officiant office, Helmina Pejović, pointed out that they are looking forward to a new space.


ADŽJuly 16, 20212min18

Kindergartens have been opened in the elementary school Njegoš and the elementary school Nadežda Petrović in Sićevo, which will also have a group of children in its outpost in Ostrovica, which enables parents to have this service in the places they are residing. I was pleased with the news that in 11 months we have reduced the waiting list for kindergarten from 1,300 children to 420, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski. In the elementary school Njegoš there is a possibility for capacity expansion. Sićevo and Ostrovica are an example of how we can help the parents of those children to stay in the village, to use the already existing capacities of the schools and provide them with future students, she stated. We are building two kindergartens in the settlements Novo Selo and Brzo Brod, and I expect that at the beginning of next year we will start the construction of kindergartens in Gornjematejevačka Street in the City Municipality Pantelej, the Mayor reminded. The director of the preschool institution Pčelica, Svetlana Mitić, said that this was an important event for that institution, because two kindergartens were opened in one day, announcing the possibility of opening another study room or group in the elementary school Njegoš. The president of the City Municipality Niška Banja Dušan Živković, stated that the opening of kindergartens in Sićevo and Ostrovica was an example the survival of the villages can be facilitated. The principals of the elementary school Njegoš Bojan Krstić and the elementary school Nadežda Petrović Lidija Ćirić thanked the city  for the new preschool groups and new service.


ADŽJuly 13, 20212min19

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski is participating in the capacity of the co-chair of the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) of the Committee of the Regions of the EU and the Republic of Serbia in the Enlargement Day in cooperation with Brussels, which is being held in two sessions. The first session discusses the accession process and the role of regional and local authorities, and the Enlargement Day takes place through the Zoom application. In the second session, where she is a panelist, the topic is the green and digital transition for recovery and resilience – what cities in the region can do. As a panelist at the second session I am talking about Niš projects on environmental protection as a city that has been a signatory of the pan-European movement of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy since 2011 said Mayor Sotirovski. I am talking about the parts of Niš Development Plan 2021-2027 that refer to the protection of the environment, which occupies an important place in the negotiating chapters with the EU, which shows both as a city and as a country a commitment to combating climate change at the local level, she said.


ADŽJuly 13, 20211min12

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the Deputy Mayor Dušica Davidovic handed over 15 hydraulic beds with anti-decubitus mattresses to the special hospital for psychiatric diseases in Gornja Toponica and thanked the donors. That hospital has a gerontopsychiatry service and elderly people on the ward who are immobile. The hospital will receive not only furniture, but also other equipment that they need. All donations that arrive to the City of Niš are valuable and important, and we are here to give them to the institutions that need them the most. Thus, in March this year, the City of Niš gave15 hydraulic beds with anti-decubitus mattresses to the Gerontology Center in Niš, said the Niš City Mayor. The director of the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases Milan Stanojković thanked the City of Niš and the Mayor for recognizing the needs of this health institution, as well as the donors who provided special beds for immobile patients.