ADŽOctober 22, 20202min2

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and Prof Sladjana Filipović, MD, on the occasion of the World Breast Cancer Day, called on all women to regularly monitor their health, because prevention is the most important in detecting the early stages of this disease. Mayor Sotirovski supported the action of the Niš Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Pearl” under the slogan “Uphill Faster” which would be held on Saturday, October 24, on the World Breast Cancer Awareness Day. As the guests of the TV Zona Plus Morning Show Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and Prof Sladjana Filipović, MD, the honorary president of the association, announced the gathering of women at the gate of the Niš Orthodox Cathedral, and then a fast walk to the Fortress, thus showing the importance of physical activity in maintaining health. On the occasion of this action, which is organized in compliance with all epidemiological measures, members of the Association of Women Suffering from Breast Cancer created special protective masks with the name of the association and the motto of the action: “Uphill Faster”. October is the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 1,600 women die of breast cancer in Serbia every year. Serbia ranks second in Europe in terms of mortality from this disease.


ADŽOctober 22, 20201min2

The city has launched an extensive action to remove wrecked vehicles from public areas. The communal inspection of the City Municipality Mediana would like to remind the owners of wrecked vehicles to remove them as soon as possible, thus avoiding the costs of their forced removal by the Parking Service. Competent inspectors will visit the area of Niš in the coming days with the aim of establishing communal order.


ADŽOctober 22, 20201min2

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski met with the representatives of the veterans’ associations “Gvozdeni puk” and “Oko sokolovo”, with whom she discussed the implementation of the agreement with health care institutions according to which veterans can have an advantage when admitted for examination. The meeting was attended by the management of the Health Care Center Niš and the Clinical Center Niš. The representatives of the veterans’ associations expressed understanding for the current situation in health care facilities due to the epidemic caused by the corona-virus. Procedures and organization for the appointments with doctors for members of veterans’ associations during the epidemic and after its suppression have been agreed with the management of the Health Care Center Niš, as well as with the management of the Clinical Center Niš. The Mayor also discussed with the representatives of veterans’ associations other issues regarding their status and better understanding of their needs.


ADŽOctober 22, 20201min3

The City Land Development Directorate is working intensively to repair the asphalt on the city street roadways and it will continue doing so as long as the weather conditions are favorable. Filling the holes and repairing the roadways is done on the basis of citizens’ reports and observed problems on certain roads by the competent services.


ADŽOctober 22, 20202min2

The City of Niš has been selected to receive expert support in the field of improving anti-corruption policies at the local level, as it was announced at the meeting of Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski with the representatives of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM). The meeting was attended by the Head of the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects Dusan Radivojević and his associates. Mayor Sotirovski talked with the Secretary General of the SCTM Djordje Staničić and his associates about current and future joint projects and activities. Niš was selected for receiving professional and technical assistance in the implementation of anti-corruption policies and this project will be implemented in the period from October 2020 to August 2021. This type of support includes activities in accordance with the model of the Local Anti-Corruption Plan (LAP) developed by the Anti-Corruption Agency with the support of the SCTM. The support is implemented within the project “Improvement of Good Governance at the Local Level” implemented by the SCTM within the program “Swiss Government Support to Municipal Development through the Promotion of Good Governance and Social Inclusion – Swiss PRO” implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). Niš will develop and adopt the Local Anti-Corruption Plan and will form a body to monitor its implementation, which will be made up of the most prominent people in Niš. Mayor Sotirovski, who was previously a member of the city’s Local Anti-Corruption Forum, said that activities already had begun on the reform of the city administration in order to improve its efficiency and full transparency.


ADŽOctober 21, 20202min8

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and her associates visited the works on the construction of the roundabout near the Shopping Mall Delta Planet and the works on the construction of the parking lot and sidewalks on the green market Boško Buha. “With the construction of the roundabout we are completing one large investment, a business and trade center, that will hire new workers and the investor will also develop a part of the quay, which is good for the city”, the Mayor told reporters. “Green market parking lot with 18 parking spaces and a sidewalk are being built at the initiative of citizens living in the vicinity of the market. Parking will be limited in time, which means that more people will be able to come to market and buy their groceries there”, said Mayor Sotirovski and pointed out that this solved the problem of illegal parking on the city streets. She stated that the city intended to suppress out-of-market sales in order to establish communal order. This does not mean that the problem of those social categories of residents who sell their goods in the streets will not be somehow resolved.  The sale of such goods would be possible inside the market place.


ADŽOctober 16, 20202min24

By organizing a reception for actors and guests as well as award ceremony in the City Hall, the 55th Festival of Acting Achievements in Niš was closed. The actors and the guests were welcomed by Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the Deputy Mayor Dušica Davidović. The awarded actors bowed to the audience in “Cineplex”, and this year’s Festival of Acting Achievements will be remembered as a manifestation of the preserved tradition that took place during the corona virus outside the Fortress Summer Stage. The “Naissa” Grand Prix for the best acting achievement at the festival went to Filip Djurić for his role in the film “My Morning Laughter” directed by Marko Djordjević. The winner of “Empress Theodora” Award is actress Ivana Vuković for the role in the film “My Morning Laughter”, and “Emperor Constantine” Award  went to the actor Vladimir Gvojić for the role in the film “A.S. (25)” directed by Milena Grujić. The award for exceptional female role went to Anja Pavićević for acting in the film “In the Name of the People” directed by Darko Bajić, and the award for exceptional male role went to Vojin Ćetković for the role in the film “Breasts” directed by Marija Perović. Actress Nina Janković played the most successful episodic role in the films “Real Story” directed by Gordan Kičić and the film “Military Academy 5” directed by Dejan Zečević. The award for the best supporting role went to Andrija Kuzmanović for his role in the film “In the Name of the People”, and the award for his debut role went to Mira Janjetović for his role in the film “Asymmetry” directed by Maša Nešković. The best foreign actor of the festival is Goran Bogdan for the role in the film “Father” directed by Srdan Golubović.


ADŽOctober 15, 20202min24

The City of Niš has invested 3.3 million dinars in the adaptation and equipping of the training hall for Niš boxers with the goal of returning this sport to the paths of old glory. This was said during a tour of the hall and a visit to Niš boxers by Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, with the president of the Boxing Association of Serbia, Nenad Borovčanin and the Member of Niš City Council Branislav Kačar.The completely renovated hall is located in the building of the Sports Association of Niš. Dragana Sotirovski said that Niš had a long and successful boxing tradition and that, by merging several clubs, a strong club should be created, both because of the results and financing. The Mayor was given boxing gloves, and she wished for the athletes to win new trophies and medals, and she announced the intention to provide a mobile ring so that boxing could be watched outdoors in the Fortress or Čair Park. Nenad Borovčanin pointed out that the boxers from Niš now have a gym and very good conditions where they will train for free, where new champions will be created, or if not champions, then certainly better people. The winner of the “Golden Gloves”, Nikola Lazarević, said that new and better conditions for training meant a lot to boxers and thanked the city for its help.


ADŽOctober 14, 20201min25

The amendments to the Decision on the establishment of Niš Open University, as well as decisions on business and financial reports of Niš Open University, the Regional Center for Professional Development of Employees in Educational System, the Center for Social Work “St. Sava” Niš, the Center for Daily Stay of Children, Youth and Adults with Mental Disabilities “Mara” for 2019. Also, the decisions on giving consent to change of the annual work program of the Nis Puppet Theater, Public Utility Company Gorica Niš and Public Utility Company Medijana Niš for 2020 were adopted, as well as the decisions on giving consent to the decisions of the supervisory boards of public companies founded by the City. The councilors, in an urgent procedure, also adopted the Decision on changes to the decision on rights in the field of social protection on the territory of the City of Niš, as well as the Decision on the appointment of the City Public Attorney.


ADŽOctober 14, 20201min39

By laying flower wreaths on the monument on central city square Niš marked the anniversary of liberation in the Second World War. On behalf of the city the respects were paid by Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, Assistant Mayor Vladislav Ivković and the president of the Niš City Assembly Boban Džunić. The flower wreaths were laid by the delegations of the Serbian Army, Nišava Administrative District, Ministry of Interior, Alliance of People’s Liberation War Fighters, Alliance of Reserve Military Officers, Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, city municipalities of Palilula and Niška Banja, as well as the representatives of associations that nurture liberation war traditions. On the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation the flower wreaths were laid at the monument in Memorial Park Bubanj where more than 12,000 patriots were shot during the Second World War. Nis was liberated on October 14 in the afternoon, when the 22nd Division of the People’s Liberation Movement reached the city center.