ADŽMay 18, 20211min5

The expenditures of the City of Niš for public city transport on a monthly basis are many times higher now compared to the time before Covid pandemic, but we will increase the number of departures, especially in the morning, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and noted that the number of infected on a daily basis decreased, which enabled the emergency situation in response to covid virus to be be suspended. Mayor Sotirovski, as a guest on RTV Bellamie, said that 101,000 adult citizens received the first dose of the vaccine, and that 80,000 citizens of Niš were vaccinated with the second dose. It is desirable to behave economically reasonable when the epidemiological situation allows it, she mentioned, talking about the situation in public city transport.


ADŽMay 16, 20211min4

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski presented the champion cup to the basketball players of womens’club Red Star from Belgrade in the category of pioneers and handed out gold medals after the exciting final of the state championship of Serbia, which was held under the auspices of the City of Niš in the sports hall of the Elementary School Dušan Radović. The City of Niš was presented with a plaque of the Basketball Association of Serbia for help in organizing the tournament for pioneers of Serbia. The cup and silver medals were handed over to the second-placed basketball players of Art Basket Club from Belgrade by the member of Niš City Council Board Aleksandar Stojičić. The third-placed team at the state championship in the category of pioneers was Vizura from Belgrade, and the fourth place was taken by the pioneers of Radnički Club from Kragujevac. The host and organizer of the tournament was the University Women’s Basketball Club Student, whose pioneers were participants in the final tournament in which the eight best teams in Serbia competed.


ADŽMay 15, 20213min6

In four years, thanks to what nature has provided and what man has created, Niš can become a regional tourist center with an offer that will match the larger tourist centers in the area, as it was stated at the meeting held at Niš City Hall between Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić with their associates. Niš sees its development chance in tourism, and we talked with Minister Tatjana Matic about how to present our tourist offer into an integrated tourist product, said Mayor Sotirovski, who informed the minister about what Niš had done and what it planned to do. Niš applied to the Ministry with projects for developing a runway for paragliders in the City Municipality Pantelej, where a world competition in that sport will be held next year, as well as with the project for developing access to the Cerjanska Cave, which is one of the most beautiful caves in southern Europe and Serbia, said the Mayor Sotirovski. They also talked about projects on the territory of the City Municipality Niška Banja, such as the construction of an aqua park, Kulište outdoor pools and a botanical garden, said Mayor Sotirovski and pointed out that it was very important for the revival of tourism that more than 50 % of Niš citizens received the vaccine. Minister Tatjana Matić pointed out that the initiatives of the Mayor and her team were approved and that the Ministry would continue to support the City of Niš. She reminded that, before the pandemic, Niš ranked in the high fifth place in terms of interest of foreign tourists to come to Serbia. The condition for the accelerated development of tourism is to win the fight against the pandemic, and we can achieve that with mass vaccination, the Minister pointed out and praised the results achieved by Niš. She announced the implementation of building broadband internet project in rural areas of Serbia, which included 20 settlements with 3,200 households in Niš area. We can count on having successful tourism if we have a good road infrastructure and telecommunication structure, the Minister noted.




ADŽMay 14, 20212min5

The distribution of gift vouchers, which started today in the shopping center Delta Planet and which will continue tomorrow in the shopping center Roda and on Sunday in Forum, is a good way to further motivate Niš residents who have not received the vaccine yet to do so, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, who, together with the director of Eurotours Travel Agency Milan Petković presented the vouchers in the shopping center Delta Planet. This is just the beginning, we will talk to others about how we can motivate people to get vaccinated, the Mayor said and thanked the donor for participating in this action. According to Mayor Sotirovski it is good for the city that more than 50 percent of adult citizens of Niš got vaccinated, and with each increase in the number of vaccinated the  epidemiological measures are being relaxed and the possibilities for returning to normal activities without restrictions are getting bigger. Travel Agency Euroturs will distribute a total of 150 vouchers, 50 in each shopping center, with which citizens receive a discount for summer vacations in Greece. It is natural that Euroturs joined the initiative to motivate people to get vaccinated in this way, said the director of that agency Petković and added that the vaccine provided good protection, but also provided full freedom and possibilities of traveling outside Serbia without administrative barriers.


ADŽMay 14, 20211min5

“The final state tournament for women’s basketball pioneers is an opportunity to promote sports and motivate children and youth to play sports”, said the meber of Niš City Council Board for Sports and Youth Aleksandar Stojičić at the press conference held at the Niš City Hall on the occasion of the start of the final tournament hosted by City of Niš and attended by eight most successful clubs in Serbia. The state final tournament starts today and ends on Sunday, May 16, 2021, and the matches are played in the Sports Hall of the Elementary School Dušan Radović. The sports director of the University Women’s Basketball Club Student, Zvonimir Stanković, expressed his satisfaction that the club was the host of the best women’s pioneer basketball teams in Serbia. The pioneers of Student University Women’s Basketball Club, who attended the press conference, won a place in the final tournament through a regional competition and additional qualifications. Niš basketball players Lana Antić and Natalija Simonović said that they were ready to give their best at the tournament with their friends and teammates and to try to reach the winner’s podium.


ADŽMay 13, 20211min4

“I extend my congratulations to all fellow citizens of the Islamic faith on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr with the wish to spend the holidays in health, love, harmony and peace. The citizens of Niš have always felt solidarity and understanding for all people of different faiths who live in our city, and we will preserve those values ​​in the times ahead. Trust, cooperation, tolerance and peace are the foundations on which we build the future, but they are also achievements that have always helped us  overcome all the common life challenges we have faced. May the holiday pass in happiness and prosperity with those closest and dearest to you!”

Niš City Mayor

Dragana Sotirovski


ADŽMay 12, 20211min4

The National Employment Service is organizing the first virtual job fair which will be held on Thursday, May 20. The fair will be organized from 10 am to 4 pm. We invite unemployed residents of Niš to register. The participation of 70 companies looking for new employees has been provided at the fair, and 7,500 registered participants (job seekers) will have the opportunity to talk to the potential employers. All candidates who are interested and looking for employment can apply and register at www.nsz-sajamzaposljavanja.rs. The number of places is limited and participation in the fair is free. The fair is organized with the support of the  Migration and Development Program which is implemented in Serbia by the German Organization for International Cooperation – GIZ.


ADŽMay 12, 20211min4

The works on the access roads the University Clinical Center and the ER Center in the length of 100 meters have begun. The roadworks will be also done in the streets Ljube Didić, Ljube Nenadović and Vojislav Ilić. The roadworks were completed in Ostrovica, as well as  the works needed to connect the bridge over the Nišava River with the road by the most modern method of performing such works, which prevents cracking due to temperature differences, subsidence or other causes.


ADŽMay 11, 20212min4

“Niš is recognized by the European Union as a real European city, Europe is here”, said the Member of Niš City Council Prof Vladislav Marjanović greeting the participants of the EU Caravan on the main city square on the occasion of celebrating Day of Europe. “There is no doubt in Serbia’s accession to the EU in the near future, and there is no doubt in the commitment of the EU, which wholeheartedly helps us and encourage us on the path to EU accession”, added Marjanović.The Head of the Cooperation Sector of the EU Delegation to Serbia Yngve Engstrom pointed out that Europe Day was a day of peace and solidarity. Speaking about the EU he emphasized that, by cooperating, people in Europe would achieve peace, solidarity and European progress. Engstrom reminded that Serbia and the EU have been cooperating for a long time, as well as that the EU financially supports large projects such as the reconstruction of the railway from Niš to Dimitrovgrad, the highway to Priština or the wastewater treatment project which will make Nišava a clean river. The student of the Faculty of Arts in Niš, Mina Živić, a member of the winning team for the art installation at the competition “Europe is Here 2021” addressed the present audience as well. On the occasion of celebrating the Day of Europe the visitors could embark on a virtual journey through Europe and “open the door” to some of the most popular European cities. In the evening the visitors had a chance to see 3D mapping in action, on the facade of Niš Fortress, with the video projection depicting the partnership between Serbia and the EU.


ADŽMay 11, 20213min3

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the Ambassador of the United States of America to Serbia, Anthony Godfrey, talked in the Niš City Hall about further cooperation and improvement of the partnership, agreeing that the two countries were very well connected by culture. The United States of America is a large and important donor to the City of Niš, and thanks to them, we have opened important projects in the city. One of these projects is the reconstruction of our Center Mara, said Niš City Mayor. What we plan to do together with American donors is the reconstruction of the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases Gornja Toponica, the maternity hospital at the University Clinical Center, as well as the construction of a school for 800 students in the City Municipality Pantelej, the Mayor pointed out. At the meeting we talked about establishing direct connection between Niš and certain American cities, we mentioned Nishville and how that festival connected us, as well as what we could do to help that festival that promoted Niš all over the world, said Mayor Sotirovski. Ambassador Godfrey emphasized the importance of developing partnerships that would be further developed by the activities of the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, in which the Philip Morris Company had an important role, as well as by the Serbian-American Friendship Club.The meeting in the Niš City Hall was attended also by the president of the Serbian-American Friendship Club in Niš, Prof Dragan Milić.

Mayor Sotirovski and Ambassador Godfrey attended together the ceremonial opening of the Laboratory for Medical Genetics John Frothingham at University of Niš Faculty of Medicine. Mayor Sotirovski thanked the American ambassador for helping Niš Faculty of Medicine get the most modern equipment for medical genetics. Godfrey reminded that the laboratory was named after a man who had an important role in the history of diplomatic relations between Serbia and the United States, and who in November 1914 financed the sending of a hospital and 10 American doctors and their assistants for the treatment of Serbian soldiers. The laboratory  was constructed by the Faculty of Medicine from its own funds and with the help of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, and the equipment worth $ 500,000 was donated by the US Embassy.