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Financial Times fDi magazine has published a ranking list of the financial, economic and business potentials of cities and regions of Europe. These rankings identify the cities and regions with the most promising potential for investment, economic development and economic growth. The City of NiS once again found itself in this list of the most promising cities based on its potential, evident growth of foreign investments and quality support of the city administration to local economic development and investments through the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. The years of continuous work and support of the Office and institutions of local self-government, as well as significant support of the Republic of Serbia are behind this prestigious recognition and the results that have led to it. In 2018/19 City of Nis ranked 7th. This year, based on the prestigious magazine’s report and officially rank, the City of Nis climbed up the ranking ladder  and ranked 6th in the category of small European cities of the future for 2020/2021 in terms of development strategy and 5th in the category referring to the  terms of profitability for investment. Financial Times collected data using special on-line tools, fdi references and data from the fdi market, as well as other sources. Data were collected for 489 locations and 150 regions in five categories: economic potential, human capital, operating costs, infrastructure and business environment. The locations received a maximum of 10 points for each category, as measured by the importance in the foreign investment realization process, to rank cities and regions first in the subgroups and then in the final ranking groups. In addition, the research was conducted in six categories of the foreign direct investments. In this category, the ranking participants themselves submitted reports detailing their strategy for attracting foreign investment, which was then evaluated by a Financial Times jury. The jury also considered the size of the cities and regions, so they were divided into large, medium, small and micro. The evaluation criteria were numerous: 20 in the area of economic potential, 15 in the area of human capital and quality of life, 18 in the area of business costs, 19 in the area of availability, i.e. geographical position and transport links and 23 criteria for the business environment, i.e. for the support provided by the city administration to the implementation of the FDI projects.


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A new meeting between the representatives of the City of Nis and Turkish IT company DTechnology Group was held at Nis City Hall. The cooperation with one of the leading Turkish high-tech companies was discussed by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, Nis City Assistant Mayor Milos Milosevic, acting director of the Science Technology Park Milan Randjelovic and the representatives of the Nis City Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. This meeting is a continuation and concretization of the talks that began last month with the discussions about the plans of this Turkish company for the activities in Nis through work in the Science and Technology Park, whose completion was  announced for mid-April. In addition, since the DT Group is in close business relations with Chinese IT giant Huawei, with whom the City of Nis is closely cooperating within the Smart City pilot project, it was assessed that there was a mutual interest for this company to be involved and implement their technology in the further development of that project.


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The Ambassador of Germany to Serbia Mr. Thomas Schieb visited Nis for the second since the beginning of his term of office in Serbia. The Ambassador was received by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, who expressed his satisfaction with the reunion. On this occasion Mayor Bulatovic introduced the Ambassador to the excellent cooperation the City of Nis has with companies from Germany like Grammer and Leoni. “The business environment in the city is much better, roads are being built, new factories are being built, and we are expecting the opening of the Science Technology Park soon. Compared to 2012 we have seen an increase in the number of employees and with the development of the airport the number of tourists has increased “as Mayor Bulatovic said suggesting that, with the assistance of the Ambassador, direct cooperation between the City of Nis and some German city could be achieved. Ambassador Schieb said that Germany supported Serbia’s path to the EU and that significant results have been achieved in this regard. “Bilateral relations between the two countries are excellent at all levels and we want to help with new investments as well, where Nis has excellent conditions with the development of road infrastructure and airports,” said Ambassador Schieb.


EMJanuary 31, 20201min312

The Delegation of the World Bank Office for Serbia visited Nis. At the meeting held at City Hall, the World Bank representatives presented to Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and his associates the results of the Systematic Diagnostic Assessment for Serbia Analysis conducted by this institution with the focus on the identified priorities for Serbia’s further development. The Mayor and his team briefed the World Bank delegation about the capital projects being implemented in Nis, as well as about the challenges that local government faced during the implementation of such important projects.



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Turkish business delegation made up of representatives of the IT Company DT Group (DT Technology Group) and led by MP of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Shahin Hussein, a personal envoy of President Erdogan, met with Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and his associates and the representatives of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Businessmen Club Naisus, the City of Nis Economic Council and the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. The guests from Turkey were presented the economic potentials and development plans of Nis as a place suitable for investors, which based its economic progress on favorable geographical position, developed transport infrastructure, airport, long industrial tradition, the University and a network of vocational high schools that guarantees skilled and educated labor. Mayor Bulatovic pointed out that in the past years, a strong link between the business community and local self-government was established in Nis and that all potential investors could count on the assistance and support from local self-government in the realization of their business plans, and on a sincere partnership, which has already resulted in decreasing the number of unemployed in Nis. The guests from Turkey expressed special interest in the Science and Technology Park, since DT Technology Company was working closely with a number of global IT companies and has expressed a desire for cooperation with partners from the IT sector of Nis, but also for the opening of a development center, which, as it was said, would become one of the first tenants of the new center of Nis science and technology. After this initial meeting, it was agreed that City of Nis Office for Local Economic Development and Projects and Science Technological Park would continue discussions with their Turkish counterparts, which would also result in joint business projects.


EMJanuary 15, 20201min342

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the General Consul of Bulgaria in Serbia Mr. Edwin Sugarev. This was the farewell visit by Mr. Sugarev. On this occasion the Mayor expressed his gratitude for successful and close cooperation during the four years of his term of office in Nis.During the meeting both sides emphasized the importance of very good bilateral relations between Serbia and Bulgaria, further improvement of economic and cultural cooperation, as well as resolving minority issues.


DMDecember 23, 20191min500

The representatives of the Russian State Pedagogical University Herzen from St. Petersburg and the University of Nis met at the Nis City Hall in order to keep the Russian language in primary and secondary schools in Nis, but also in order to facilitate holding lectures in the Russian language. The two universities will jointly implement the project, which will be funded by the Russian side. The idea for this project came from the state level, and Nis was selected to be the representative of the Serbian side, said Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur. He said the Russian side was ready to fund the project as a whole. The Deputy Mayor said that the content and the manner of implementation would be defined in the coming period. He pointed out that the need for learning Russian language was increasing. In continuation of the visit to Nis, the delegation laid flowers on the monument to the Russian pilots killed in World War II, and then visited the Museum of Former Concentration Camp Crveni Krst and the Skull Tower memorial complex.


EMDecember 18, 20191min370

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic together with the economic development manager of the Help organization Ms. Masha Bubanj presented contracts to the beneficiaries receiving grants in equipment within the framework of the project “Supporting Socio-Economic Stability in the Western Balkans 2019-2020” funded through German Development Cooperation. The value of the equipment with which the beneficiaries will be supported under this project is € 72,000.00, with the participation of the City of Nis with 40%. The grants are intended for 30 new micro and small businesses with an average value of 2,400 euros, which involves the employment of 39 people. The program involves regular business and professional training to increase the sustainability of business activities.


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December 12

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the Ambassador of Tunisia in Serbia Mr. Seyf Allah Rejeb. The meeting was dedicated to establishing cooperation between the City of Nis and the City of Biserta, Republic of Tunisia. This initiative is an expression of the sincere friendship of the two nations made a century ago by the events of World War I, an expression of solidarity, respect, understanding and compassion between Tunisia and Serbia. It is the embodiment of a “culture of memory” related to the stay of the Serbian army of three and a half years in Bizerta and North Africa, the deep connection of the Serbian people to the people of Tunisia, who cared for, treated and nurtured the Serb soldiers who suffered greatly during the withdrawal through Albania and thus, the alliance and friendship of our ancestors began in the most direct way possible. Bizerte is the home of one of the largest Serbian military cemeteries in North Africa, eternal home to 698 Serbian soldiers, many of whom belonged to the First Regiment of the Nis Reserve Troops. Establishing direct partnership and cooperation between the cities of Bizerte and Nis is in the mutual interest of our communities, in order to create favorable conditions for enhancing cooperation in various contents. The international activity has proved to be a development tool for the City of Nis. Also, it is an opportunity for learning more about how to make a city more attractive for living, working and creating. The City of Nis is recognized in international circles as a proactive city open for cooperation and international relations. The City of Nis has always been the meeting point of many people, different ideas, cultures and traditions which provided the City with abundant historical and cultural legacy. Tunisia is a land of tolerance, hospitality and dialogue between cultures, civilizations and religions, which has passed through millennia of history, during which great celebrated civilizations intertwined, leaving a legacy of invaluable value. Based on numerous historical links, we can build not only closer cooperation but also strategic partnership relations.


EMDecember 10, 20191min394

Upon the invitation of the City of Nis the co-chairman of Russia’s inter-parliamentary commission for co-operation with Serbia, Russian parliamentarian Pavel Dorokhin visited Nis and participated at  Nis Book Fair.

Mr. Dorokhin was welcomed at Nis City Hall by Nis City Assembly Speaker  Rade Rajkovic, Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandur and Nisava District Chief Dragana Sotirovski.

Russian Duma deputy Pavel Dorokhin will present his books that are translated into Serbian at the Book Fair in Nis. During the day, Dorokhin, accompanied by a city officials and ther representatives of the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center, paid respects by laying flower wreaths at the monument dedicated to the killed Russian soldiers in World War II.