ADŽFebruary 28, 20211min6

The citizens of the settlement of Vinik appealed to Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski pointing to a wild landfill along the railway crossing at the very entrance to that settlement, just a few meters from the nearby buildings and the children’s park. The City responded without delay, so the clearing of the landfill, by a joint action of the citizens, the City of Niš, the City Municipality of Pantelej and PUC Mediana, was organized even though it was Sunday and a non-working day. The joint activity on the removal of the landfill is also an appeal to all citizens to be responsible towards themselves, their environment, environmental protection and the protection of themselves and the health of other people.


ADŽFebruary 26, 20211min9

City of Niš Traffic Safety Council has adopted the Program for the use of funds for the improvement of traffic safety in 2021, which envisages that the most money will be spent on improving the traffic infrastructure. At the session of the Council, chaired by Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, the priorities in the field of development and construction of traffic infrastructure, installation of pedestrian protective fences, video surveillance and procurement of necessary equipment were discussed. The project task for installing cameras in the city at the places of necessary video surveillance, according to the assessment of the Niš Police Station, is in progress. As it was emphasized, special attention will be paid to the traffic safety of children and the elderly.


ADŽFebruary 25, 20211min11

I hope that we will be good hosts and that this project will  bring Niš back to the sphere of the film industry, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, welcoming the crew of the film in the City Hall. The shooting of the film in Niš will begin in March. She reminded that Niš is a city of actors, a city that gives its heart to actors, not only during the traditional Film Festival but also throughout the year. Producer Miloš Avramović, director Nenad Pavlović, actors Predrag Miki Manojlović, Radivoje Raša Bukvić and Nada Šargin, as well as General Manager of Telekom Srbija Vladimir Lučić spoke at the press conference on the occasion of the start of shooting the new film. The screenplay is based on the prose by Živojin Pavlović, and is signed by the son of a writer who is also the director of the film, together with Djordje Milosavljevic and Dimitrije Vojnov. “Wild Trace” is the story of an aspiring journalist in Communist Yugoslavia, set out on a journey to investigate a brutal murder in rural countryside.


ADŽFebruary 23, 20212min17

The City of Niš provided protective personal gear and disinfectants for the Niš Health Care Center as one of the most burdened health care institutions in an emergency situation due to the coronavirus epidemic and the vaccination campaign. Delivering protective overalls, coats, shoe leggings, protective masks and disinfectants, provided with the help of the Niš Lions Club, Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski said that 65,000 people had been vaccinated so far, that Niš was leading in Serbia and that Niš Health Care Center was praised by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Prime Minister Ana Brnabić. “The number of infected people in Niš and Serbia is increasing, and that is not good,” the Mayor warned. She appealed to her fellow citizens not to relax after the vaccine, but to protect themselves and others, respecting the recommendations of epidemiologists. The work of the communal militia and sanitary inspection has been intensified and the state of emergency declared in Niš gives the possibility of introducing more rigorous measures than the ones currently in force. For now, we will manage according to the decisions of the Republic Team for the suppression of the infectious disease COVID-19, Mayor Sotirovski mentioned.  On the occasion of the donation handover the director of the Health Care Center prof Milorad Jerkan, MD,  said that the Health Care Center had four types of vaccines at its disposal,  that the vaccination was carried out according to a pre-established plan and without delays.


ADŽFebruary 22, 20212min19

How to motivate families to have more children and how to improve the demographic picture of Serbia was the topic of the meeting between Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and Minister of Family Care and Demography Radomir Dmitrović during his visit to Niš. Demography is a problem of all problems in the strategic and generational sense, which requires short-term and long-term action as it was concluded at the meeting attended by Mayor Sotirovski, Niš City Deputy Mayor Dušica Davidović and the Minister with his associates. Dragana Sotirovski informed the Minister about the measures that the City of Niš as local self-government was taking to improve the demographic picture, which, as she mentioned, was not so great in Niš and the whole region. The City of Niš allocates significant funds from the budget to help parents with more children, builds kindergartens, works on better living conditions in villages and suburbs, but also expects even greater intensity in communal equipment of villages through the state program “SERBIA 2025”, stated the Mayor. “We will work on new investments and jobs, and we will create conditions for people from the area to come to Niš to work and to live. Minister Dmitrović assessed that the measures undertaken by the City of Niš in terms of demography instilled optimism and that the city worked within its competencies and that the state would help where the city could not solve problems on its own. Establishing a calmer balance between cities and the surrounding area, creating better living conditions in the countryside and “calming down” large centers so as not to “suck up” villages and small towns, would be a strategic solution to the problem, Dmitrović pointed out. The Mayor and the Minister visited the Safe House in Niš with their associates.


ADŽFebruary 19, 20211min15

Congratulations from niš city mayor to the newly elected Patriarch porfirije

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski extended her congratulations to His Holiness newly elected Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovci and Serbian Patriarch Porfirije. “Convinced that the Serbian Orthodox Church chose Patriarch worthy of its holy and pious predecessors I am looking forward to your election together with my fellow citizens of the Orthodox faith, the citizens of Niš. With your sincerity, sacrifice, openness and gentleness of your words, your selfless work and dedication to the Church, you have earned the respect of believers, but also of all citizens of Niš. On the behalf of the citizens of Niš of the Orthodox faith and my personal behalf as well as on the behalf of those who have peace and love in their hearts, I congratulate you on your election for the Serbian Patriarch and your accession to the throne of Saint Sava. ”


Niš City Mayor

Dragana Sotirovski



ADŽFebruary 18, 20211min11

The international Russian-American male choir of the PaTRAM Institute will be a guest of the City of Niš in June 2021 performing spiritual Russian Orthodox music. The mission of PaTRAM Institute is to foster the authentic and original splendor of Russian Orthodox choral music together with its astounding spiritual depth, in both the English and Slavonic languages. The PaTRAM Institute Male Choir will perform a 5-city concert tour in beautiful Serbia and the Republic of Srpska. Maestro Vladimir Gorbik will conduct the 60 member Male Choir, hailing from the United States, Canada, Australia, Serbia and Russia. Very special venues have been chosen for this exciting project. In a conversation with the members of the Niš City Council Adriana Anastasov and Nenad Stanković, the director of the PATRAM Institute, Tatiana Geringer, announced  the recording of a new CD with the works of Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninoff in the Monastery of St. Demetrius in Divljana. The hosts of the PaTRAM Choir will be the City of Niš and the Diocese of Niš of the Serbian Orthodox Church.


ADŽFebruary 13, 20211min29

Dear fellow citizens,

Serbia has not given up its freedom even in times of difficult historical circumstances. With the uprising in Orašac in 1804, the adoption of the constitution by acclamation in Kragujevac in 1835, Serbia rose without agreeing to a vassal relationship with the Ottoman Empire. Sretenje Constitution is our first highest legislative act which represents the foundation of the modern Serbian state. Comradeship, harmony, solidarity, mutual respect, responsibility, dedicated work and dedication, these are the words and deeds that guard our Serbia even today. Congratulations on Statehood Day. Long live Serbia!

Niš City Mayor

Dragana Sotirovski


ADŽFebruary 12, 20212min28

Laying wreaths, commemoration, paying respects to the victims of Crveni Krst Concentration Camp, as well as the march in the footsteps of camp prisoners by Scout Association of Niš marked the 79th anniversary of the breakout, which was then the only such endeavor in enslaved Europe. “The Crveni Krst Concentration Camp is a place of painful remembrance of the days of suffering, but it is also a place where our fellow citizens and patriots showed that they did not agree to slavery and oppression and that freedom has no price,” said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski on the occasion of breakout anniversary. Today, the ideal of freedom has been raised to an even higher level, because in order to be free, it is not enough for a person to just cut his own chains, but he or she must live in a way that respects the freedoms of others, said Mayor Sotirovski. According to the Mayor the city strives to preserve the historical heritage, and the permanent exhibition is an important segment of the work of this historical complex, a place of defiance and pride where new generations could learn about their historic heritage. Wreaths were laid at the memorial complex by delegations from the Serbian Army, the City of Niš, the Nišava Administrative District, the Police Administration, city municipalities, representatives of the Jewish and Roma communities, associations that nurture the traditions of liberation wars.


ADŽFebruary 12, 20211min34

The medallion with the image of Duke Stepa Stepanović, recognition of the Association of Reserve Military Officers of Serbia, was presented to Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski on the occasion of the centenary of that organization and Statehood Day. The recognition was presented by the president of that organization in Niš, the reserve colonel Dobrivoje Stanimirović, who said that the medallion with the image of Stepa Stepanovic was awarded to Mayor Sotirovski for successful cooperation and her contribution to the work of that organization while performing the duty of the Head of the Nišava Administrative District, and that this cooperation was continued with her mandate of  City of Niš Mayor. The representatives of the Association of Reserve Military Officers of Serbia informed the Mayor about the activities of the organization and the plans for further training of the reserve staff. During the conversation the proposal to return to regular military service in order to strengthen the army and defense capabilities of Serbia was supported.