ADŽOctober 21, 20212min9

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski together with the President of the  City Municipality Crveni Krst and associates visited the final works on the asphalting of Derokova Street where she talked to fellow citizens and workers engaged in the construction of that street. Derokova Street was done according to plan, property and legal relations were previously resolved, and a water supply and sewerage network was built. We are slowly developing this part of the city. There is a school nearby; we built apartments for refugees and displaced persons. We determine priorities in accordance with the requests of the citizens and on the basis of their pointing out of some earlier problems, said Niš City Mayor. According to her, the construction of the street near the school in Brzi Brod has begun, and the terrain is being prepared for the rehabilitation of the road from Ostrovica to Ravni Dol. The access roads to certain village cemeteries will be repaired, and the construction of an outpatient clinic in Brzo Brod will begin soon. The President of CM Crveni Krst Milutinović pointed out that in addition to the construction of Derokova Street, five other surrounding streets in the settlement were covered with recycled asphalt, that the asphalting of the road connecting four villages was completed, and that a lot was done on the construction and development of communal infrastructure in Šljaka settlement.


ADŽOctober 21, 20211min15

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the Head of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Serbia, Francesca Bonelli with their associates met at Niš City hall and talked about the position of migrants and further cooperation. It was the opportunity for UNHCR to point out the contribution of Niš in accepting underage migrants without parents and personal documents, as well as the conditions for the migrants’ stay in the Niš resort in Divljana. The issue of migrants who have already received or will eventually receive asylum in our country, and many of them are educated people was especially discussed in the conversation. This gives the two sides the opportunity to improve and further expand cooperation, including those citizens of Niš who belong to vulnerable categories of the population. The participants in the meeting agreed to continue talks on actual plans for co-operation and mutual assistance.


ADŽOctober 14, 20211min27

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski met with Japanese businessmen who were interested in the business potentials of Niš and possible investments of companies in that country. She and her associates presented the favorable business environment to Japanese businessmen and introduced them to the city’s potentials, its position and the reasons that could persuade potential Japanese investors to invest their capital in Niš. The representatives of the Office for Local Economic Development also informed the businessmen from Japan about economic, business, tourist potentials and development perspectives of the city. Japanese companies are increasingly present in Serbia with investments exceeding 2.5 billion dollars, said the president of the Japanese Business Alliance in Serbia, Goran Pekez. The idea is for us to see the possibilities and business potentials of Niš and the surrounding districts for the possible expansion of investments outside Belgrade and Vojvodina, he pointed out. The guests visited the Science and Technology Park, where they talked with businessmen from Niš. The delegation also visited Niš Faculty of Electronics.


ADŽOctober 14, 20211min19

The anniversary of the liberation of Niš in the Second World War was marked by laying wreaths at the Monument to the Liberators of Niš and at the Bubanj Memorial Complex. The delegation of the City of Niš led by the Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and accompanied by the Assembly President Boban Džunić and the Member of Niš City Council Nenad Stanković paid their homage. The delegations of the Serbian Army, Nišava Administrative District, Niš Police Department, the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center, Alliance of Associations of Veterans of the People’s Liberation War, the city municipalities of Medijana, the Red Cross and Palilula, associations that nurture the traditions of the liberation wars, also honored the victims of Second World War.


ADŽOctober 12, 20211min20

Modern hydraulic beds with mattresses against pressure-induced ulceration, the donations from abroad, were handed over to the University Clinical Center for the needs of the Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, City Health Center Niš and Medical School “Dr Miodrag Lazić”. Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, and her deputy, Dušica Davidović, handed over modern beds and mattresses to health institutions. Mayor Sotirovski reminded that this was the third donation from abroad that arrived to the City of Niš and which the City of Nis redirected to health institutions that needed the equipment the most. The assistant director of the University Clinical Center, prof. dr Vladan Ćosić, director of the City Health Care Center prof. Dr. Milorad Jerkan and the director of the Medical School in Niš Miroslav Savić thanked the city for the donation. Earlier donations in modern beds and mattresses were assigned to the Gerontology Center and the Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases in Gornja Toponica.


ADŽOctober 12, 20212min32

The laying of wreaths on the Monument dedicated to Duke Petar Bojović marked the anniversary of the liberation of Niš in the First World War. The flower wreaths were laid by the Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, with the Deputy Dušica Davidović and the Member of Niš City Council Miroslav Djokić. Wreaths were laid by the delegations of the Serbian Army, Nišava Administrative District, Police Administration in Niš, the representatives of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center, delegations of the city municipalities of Palilula, Niška Banja and Pantelej, the representatives of Niš associations that nurture the traditions of liberation wars and descendants.Historian Dušan Andrejic spoke about Niš as the war capital in the Great War and the liberation of the city. Branislav Bojović, a descendant of Duke Petar Bojović, addressed the audience, saying that “the time has come when the role of Duke Petar Bojović iis given the place that belongs to him in history”. Niš was liberated on October 12, 1918, when units of the First Serbian Army led by Duke Petar Bojović marched into the city. From July 1914 to October 1915, Niš was the war capital, the seat of the Government and the National Assembly of Serbia.


ADŽOctober 11, 20211min23

Firefighters who were fighting against the fires in Greece this summer will be able to stay with their families for free next year in the cities of the Volvvi region (Greece), with which the City of Niš and the Nišava District have had excellent cooperation for the last three years. The Volvi Region has sent an official invitation via City of Niš Mayor Dragana Sotirovski for firefighters and their families to stay in their seaside resorts for free in 2022. Niš City Mayor thanked the Greek brothers for their noble gesture in which they expressed their gratitude to our firefighters who participated in extinguishing the fires in their country. She forwarded the information about the invitation to the Sector for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


ADŽOctober 11, 20213min19

The ceremonial academy in Niš marked the anniversary of the existence of the “Constantine the Great” Airport, on the occasion of which it was pointed out that thanks to the support of the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure, the Airport in Niš not only survived but also gained second future. It has been 35 years since the planes with passengers took off from the runway of “Constantine the Great”. The date of the opening of the airport is a historic turning point in the development of our city, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, addressing the management of PE “Airports of Serbia” and high officials at the anniversary celebration where she received a gratitude plaque on behalf of the City of Niš. We are connected with the world with the airport, highways, and soon the modern railway thanks to the highest state leadership. Recently, President Aleksandar Vučić said that Niš was very important for Serbia, that it was a great crossroads not only for Serbia but also for this part of Europe, she pointed out. According to her, such chances are not to be missed. Congratulating the anniversary she informed those present that even today, together with the director of PE “Airports of Serbia”, we were fighting for Niš to get important airlines to Sharm el-Sheikh, Istanbul and Moscow. The director of PE “Airports of Serbia”, Mihajlo Zdravković, pointed out that the state and the relevant ministry were investing 20 million euros in the development of the airport, more than ever before. At the airport, we are always working on expanding the capacity and preparing the construction of a new terminal building, reconstruction of the existing and construction of a new control tower, said Zdravkovic and added that by expanding the capacity, the airport will also have service and repair of aircraft. A film about the airport from its establishment until today was shown at the ceremony, and institutions and individuals were awarded gratitude plaques for their contribution to the development of the airport.


ADŽOctober 11, 20212min16

On the occasion of the Public Call for co-financing of energy rehabilitation measures for residential buildings, family houses and apartments on the territory of the City of Ni[ for 2021, the City of Niš and the Office for Local Economic Development organized an Info Day at the City Hall. Info day is one of the events by which the City of Niš marks the “European Week of Local Democracy”. The head of the Sector for Planning and Project Management of the Office for Local Economic Development, Ivan Pavlović, said that in the first hour, about a hundred citizens came to get acquainted with the Public Call. He mentioned that the citizens asked about property-legal, administrative and technical issues that were emphasized in the conversation. The citizens not only asked, but also came up with concrete proposals so that in the next public call we could enable simpler procedures, which is especially important for housing communities, Pavlović noted. The deadline for submission of applications is October 21, 2021. Citizens will be able to apply for the replacement of carpentry and thermal insulation, as well as for solar collectors for heating sanitary water. Housing communities can apply for carpentry replacement and thermal insulation.


ADŽOctober 10, 20211min27

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski attended the liturgy which was served by His Eminence the Bishop of Nis, Arsenije, on the occasion of the beginning of the school academic year. After the liturgy, the Bishop of Nis organized a reception. The liturgy was attended by the Niš City Council Member Marija Randjelović, the rector of the University of Nis, prof. Dr. Dragan Antić, the deans of Nis faculties, the head of the School Administration of the Nišava Administrative District Predrag Nešović and principals of primary and secondary schools in Niš.