Students in Leskovik Temporarily in a Renovated City Building

Pupils of the outposted department of the Elementary School „Vojislav Ilić Jr.“ in Leskovik will temporarily attend classes in the renovated city building, because the school building is old and unconditional. Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski visited Leskovik with the President of the City Municipality Crveni Krst Miroslav Milutinović, and his associates, and asked the team of the City Land Development Directorate to estimate immediately how much the construction of the new school will cost. On September 1st next year, there will be more students in Leskovik than there are now. The problem of the school in Leskovik, where the branch of the elementary school „Vojislav Ilić Jr.“ is located, has existed for many years. We have resolved property relations, the renovated facility is now owned by the city and conditions have been created for classes to take place and students will spend the winter in the city facility, said the Niš Mayor.

When you are in the field, you hear many more problems. In Leskovik, we will look for a solution for an orderly water supply and for signal coverage for mobile telephony, Dragana Sotirovski mentioned. The president of the City Municipality Crveni Krst Miroslav Milutinović, said that the municipality had allocated funds and that, together with the city, it had begun the renovation of the building where students in Leskovik will temporarily attend classes.

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