70 Self Employment Contracts Delivered

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs, Prof. Dr. Darija Kisić Tepavčević presented 70 contracts for self-employment of the unemployed who had an idea, were brave and courageous to start their own business. Niš City Mayor thanked the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs and the National Employment Service for their help and support in Nis to reduce the number of unemployed. She congratulated the users of incentive funds and wished them successful work, to employ more fellow citizens who are out of work in the coming months and years. Kisić Tepavčević stated that Niš and the National Employment Service set aside 55.8 million dinars this year for the implementation of five measures of active employment policy in the city and pointed out that the City of Niš is an example of good practice when it comes to employment policy and improving living and working conditions for citizens. According to her, 14,534 people have been employed in the Nišava district since the beginning of the year, which is 14.5 percent more than in the same period last year.

Director of National Employment Zoran Martinović stated that more than 3,000 subsidies for self-employment have been awarded in Serbia so far, and that he believed that around 4,000 subsidies would be awarded by the end of the year. The Mayor of Nis talked about active policy measures with Minister Darija Kisić Tepavčević during meeting in the City Hall, introducing her to the efforts of the City of Niš in employing people older than 50 who find it harder to find a job. Currently, there are 23,350 unemployed in the records of the National Employment Service in Nis. The goal is using the favorable business environment that Nis has and with the active measures of the state employment policy, to reduce the number of unemployed in Niš will under 20,000 people,as Niš Mayor and the Minister agreed. Member of Niš City Council Vladislav Marjanović, the director of the Office for Local Economic Development Dušan Radivojević, the director of the National Employment Service Zoran Martinović, as well as the management of the NES – Branch in Niš participated in the talks in the City Hall. Mayor Sotirovski and Minister Kisić Tepavčević and their associates visited the company „Tehno i oprema inženjering Niš“, which deals with the production of equipment, design and consulting in catering, and with which the NES has had good cooperation in the last few years.

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