The presentation of the project Updating Address Register in the Republic of Serbia was held in Nis today. The project is being implemented under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, and is being implemented by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government and the Republic Geodetic Authority. Nis City Mayor met with the representatives of the above mentioned institution and expressed his full support to the realization of this project which was very important for the citizens and pointed out that a lot had already been done regarding the renaming, so that there were no streets in Nis with the same name. When it comes to giving names to the streets in the rural area the Mayor said this was an opportunity to show respect and gratitude to many people, especially those who have lost their lives in war-related events in the past decades, primarily in the communities in which they lived, of course, with the consent of the family. The discussion also emphasized that the costs of the technical procedure, the making of signboards with street names and house numbers will be borne by the State, so that this process would cost the citizens very little. The only thing that citizens would have to do by themselves was to make changes in personal documents. According to the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 3,028,020 citizens have registered residence in the streets without a specific home number, out of which 2,676,898 citizens have been registered at the addresses for which no street name has been specified (known as “No Street bb”). The estimation is that, in the territory of Serbia, there are 47,000 street names missing as well as a million house numbers, said Vukasin Grozdic, Advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister. The address register has data on street names and house numbers and is one of the key state registers in addition to the register of companies, the register of the population and the register of real estate. The Republic Geodetic Authority is in charge of maintaining the address register, but the registration of the address is carried out on the basis of formal decisions of the units of local self-governments on giving the name of the street. The Law on Local Self-Government prescribes the original jurisdiction of local self-government in the allocation of the name of streets, squares and alleys. At the end of last year, the Government of Serbia formed a coordinating body for the improvement of the address register, which includes all relevant ministries and organizations. It is estimated that the total cost of updating the register and marking streets and home numbers will be 5 million euros. It is expected that at the end of 2018 a unified public procurement will be announced for all street and house numbers in the territory of Serbia. The marking will last from November to the end of April 2019. Local services and state authorities (police department, tax administration departments) will successively align their database with the updated registry.


Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur met with the prominent Russian actors who were staying Nis during the manifestation Days of Russian Film. Artists from Russia used the opportunity to socialize with film lovers and respond to journalists’ questions, and after the press conference held at Nis City Hall the hosts and guests visited Nis Fortress. The Festival is held at Cinema Vilin Grad. The screenings of the movies are free. The Festival was opened by Pavel Drozdov’s film We Will Not Say Goodbye”, which the Serbian audience will see immediately after the Russian premiere. The citizens of Nis will have the opportunity to see the drama Coach directed by Danilo Kozlovsky, the war thriller We Will Not Forgive by Pavel Drozdov, the comedy I Am Losing Weight by Aleksei Nuzhnya, as well as the thriller The Gogol Beginning by Egora Baranova, the drama Dovlatov by Aleksej German and the fantastic story The Last Knight by Dmitry Djachenko and comedy Hello, Oksana Sokolova by Kiril Vasilyev.




July 3rd

The City of Niš has been awarded the Local Development Champion Award for 2018/19 for best practice in attracting investors. In the framework of the joint project by NALED and the Development Agency of Serbia, awards were given to prominent individuals, towns and municipalities that contributed to the development of local self-governments, and besides Niš, awards were given to Šabac, Bečej and Kruševac. The awards were presented by the Vice President of the Government of Serbia and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlović and the Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government Branko Ružić, and on behalf of the City of Niš this prestigious award, which testifies about the readiness and ability of Niš to respond to the needs of the  investors and businessmen and to create a positive business environment, was received by the Nis City Council Member for Economy Mihajlo Zdravkovic. “This is another award that proves that we are doing the right thing. Thanks to the full support from the Republic, we were ready to welcome investors and managed to open new factories. Our results are not just on paper, they are visible everywhere around us. On the present day, the number of unemployed in Nis is 26 041, which is 10 000 less than it was in 2012. Of course, this award shows us once again that we should continue to work as before. This is a new incentive, in addition to the award that we recently received from the Financial Times, and I believe that in the coming period we will have successful results, “Zdravkovic said. The awards of Local Development Championships were presented at the National Conference during the Local Economic Development, which included the results of the research on the capacities of local self-governments for local economic development, conducted in the framework of the joint project by NALED and the Development Agency of Serbia. Also, at the meeting, new mechanisms for supporting municipalities and cities were discussed to attract investments, establish better cooperation with the existing economy and tradition in choseing occupations in the function of economic development.


June 29th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the Minister of Youth and Sports in the Government of Serbia Vanja Udovicic, today, awarded the scholarships to the best students of the University of Nis, who received Fund for Talents scholarships. This year, the scholarships will be awarded to a total of 1,300 students in Serbia, with 400 of them being at the postgradute studies. In Nis, 197 most talented students from Nis University received the scholarship, 30 of them with an average grade of 10. “It is very important that, from year to year, the scholarships from the Ministry of Youth and Sports are getting bigger and more srudents are being awarded. Following the activities of the Ministry and the Government of Serbia aimed at young talented people, the local self-government, strives to, in the true sense of the word, valorize the gem that it has, seeks to enable the opening of new jobs so that these young people can stay here. As a significant project that we are implementing with the state, I would also like to mention the construction of the most modern Scientific Research Center in the Balkans, and, by the implementation of this project the state shows how interested it is in the future of our young pople who are the future of us all”, Mayor Bulatovic said. He stressed that the City of Niš was also trying to allocate more funds from the city budget for scholarships for a larger number of secondary school and students. Minister Udovicic stressed that the Ministry had made enormous efforts to provide adequate scholarships for the most talented young people in Serbia. “I am extremely pleased that, today, scholarship amounts to 30 thousand dinars and that this amount is bigger than last year”, Minister Udovicic said. On this occasion Minister praised the activities of the City of Nis in the field of youth policy.


June 29th

Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur met today with the Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy Mr. Miloš Banjac who attended the presentation of the energy balance of the City of Nis for 2017 and awarded the certificate to the course participants regarding the application of information systems in the city’s energy management. The City of Nis established the institution of the Energy Manager in 2017. The two officials discussed the measures that could contribute to the efficient use of energy and their realization. It is estimated that cooperation and exchange of experiences on the establishment of an organized energy management system with other municipalities and cities from the country and abroad, with scientific institutions and public enterprises is very important.


June 29th

The public debate on the draft of the new Law on Gender Equality was held today attended by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Labor, Veterans and Social Affairs, Ms. Stana Bozovic and Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur.  Preventing discrimination against women in employment, the right to equal pay, promotion and improvement, banning the media from promoting prejudice and stereotypes towards women, are only part of what the new Law on Gender Equality offers. The draft law has also raised the rankings for political parties, as it is predicted that at least 40% of the candidates of the less represented sex should be included in the electoral lists. Also, public authorities are obliged to take special measures to ensure gender representation when proposing permanent Serbian delegations in international bodies and appointments of the collegial republic and other bodies. An important segment is dedicated to suppressing violence against women, which, thanks to the activities of all competent authorities, is no longer a “taboo” topic in our society. The draft law devotes a great deal of attention to the suppression of gender discrimination in the field of labor, which provides equal opportunities for employment, promotion, and training.


Article No 52 of the Law on Public Enterprises (Official Gazette of RS, No 15/2016) provides that the Acting General Manager may be appointed to the moment of the appointment of the General Manager of a public company after a public competition for a period not longer than one year. Given the fact that the acting general managers at PUC City Heating Plant and PUC Gorica completed their term of office, and that according to the Law on Public Enterprises, the same person cannot be appointed twice as the general manager, Committee for the Appointment of Nis City Assembly, acting in accordance with the law and Statute of the City of Nis, will propose to the members of the Nis City Assembly to decide on the appointment of the new acting general managers of the two companies.

Acting general manager must meet the requirements for appointment of public company general managers referred to in Article 25 of this Law and shall have all the rights, duties and powers that of a public company general manager. The City Council cannot speculate who will be appointed as the new acting general managers given that their appointment is not within the competence of the City Council but of the Nis City Assembly Committee for the appointment.