ADŽOctober 12, 20202min103

City of Niš Team for Crisis Management assessed that the epidemiological situation was uncertain and that this week was a test for our population to continue with responsible behavior as it has been so far. According to the assessment of the European Center for Infectious Diseases our country is in a good situation in relation to the surrounding countries  due to the responsible behavior of the most of population, said Branislav Tiodorović, MD, the member of City of Niš Team for Crisis Management and Covid-19 Infectious Disease National Control Team.  The workplace collectives are becoming very important for monitoring and supervision, said Tiodorović. “The more people comply with epidemiological measures, the lower the risk,” Tiodorovic underlined. Epidemiologist of the Institute for Public Health in Niš, Mirko Ilić, pointed out that out of the total number of patients with Covid-19 in September and October 60 % were  workers of Yura Factory. “In September, there were 75 infected workers in the area of ​​Niš, and in October 39, while in the period September-October there were a total of 68 infected workers from Yura Factory”, said Ilić. According to him the institutions for the accommodation of the elderly, schools and social protection homes are safe for now. The director of Niš Health Care Center Milorad Jerkan, MD, said that there were 250 to 300 examinations in the last month. The most common are people between 30 and 40 of age (60 %), followed by people between 17 and 25 of age (20 %), and those older than 70 make up less than two 2 % of those who come for an examination due to symptoms of Covid-19. Director Jerkan announced that the Covid out-patient clinic will be moved from the Health Care Center to Duvanište settlement out-patient clinic.