ADŽNovember 27, 20202min71

The Award “11th January” is the highest recognition of the City of Niš which is awarded for exceptional achievements that affirm the city in economic, social and other areas. The first session of the Commission for City of Niš Awards, chaired by the President of the Assembly of the City of Niš Boban Džunić, was held on November 26, 2020.  The plan of activities of the Commission and the text of the public call for submission of proposals for the award of the highest public recognition was adopted. The session was attended by the President of the Commission Boban Džunić, City of Niš Assembly President,  Prof Vlastimir Nikolić, Vice Rector of the Niš University, Branislav Cincarević, Archpriest Stavrophor – the representative of Niš Eparchy, Colonel Sladjan Hristov, Officer of the Serbian Army Command, Dušica Davidović, City of Niš Deputy (Deputy Member). After the session of the Commission the President of the City Assembly and the President of the Commission, Boban Džunić, addressed the journalists. On this occasion, he pointed out that the public invitation will be published on the website of the City of Niš and through the media. The award consists of a diploma, a statuette in honor of “The Liberators of the City of Niš” and a monetary amount and can be awarded to an individual or legal entity from Niš, individually or jointly, regardless of the period and area of ​​achievement. Nomination for the award can be submitted by any citizen or legal entity in writing, with an explanation of the achievements proposed for the award. Proposals can be submitted from December 1 to 15, 2020, to Assembly of the City of Nis by regular mail or email (