ADŽNovember 7, 20202min26

The President of the Swiss National Council Isabelle Moret and her associates began their stay in Serbia with a visit to Niš, where she talked with Niš City Mayor Dragan Sotirovski about the realization of projects financed by that country and the continuation of successful cooperation with the city. The conversation was attended by the President of the City Assembly of Niš Boban Džunić, the Secretary General of Niš City Assembly, Ružica Đorđević, the Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia, Urs Schmid, and his associates. The strategy of successful cooperation of Switzerland is based on the areas of improving the work of the administration, environmental protection and the economy. Mayor Sotirovski acquainted the guests with the activities and results that Nis achieved in those areas. Dragana Sotirovski said that work on the reform of the city administration was ongoing, that the city was working on the selection of investors for the rehabilitation of the landfill and the construction of a wastewater treatment plant, and that Niš was recognized as a place with a favorable investment climate. She reminded that the Swiss Government financially supported the e-parliament project and financed the development of the Science and Technology Park in Niš. “Our goal is efficient administration, we are very focused on the citizens and their demands, and we will persevere on that”, said Mayor Sotirovski. The Mayor reminded that Niš and Switzerland were connected by direct flights from Niš Airport to Basel, and that during New Year Holidays the direct flights from Niš to Zurich would be reestablished. Isabelle Moret announced her meetings with the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, the Speaker of the National Assembly Ivica Dačić and the Minister of Finance Siniša Mali, which, as she assessed, was proof of the expressed friendship between the two countries.