ADŽNovember 19, 20205min43

The City of Niš Team for Emergency Situation Management  made a decision to declare a state of emergency until December 1, 2020 due to the corona-virus epidemic, when, based on the epidemiological situation, it will decide whether the validity of that decision will be extended. The epidemiological situation was assessed as unfavorable with a tendency to move to an emergency, and the declaration of an emergency situation would enable better organization, more efficient action and implementation of all epidemiological measures. Niš City Mayor and the Commander of the City of Niš Team for Emergency Situation Management Dragana Sotirovski called on the citizens to take responsibility for the implementation of measures.

The City of Niš Team for Emergency Situation Management adopted, based on the proposal of the Expert-Operational Team for the Prevention of the Occurrence and Spread of the Infection, the following measures:

  1. Strict compliance with all measures prescribed by the Crisis Management Team of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and strict compliance and control of prescribed isolation measures;
  2. Employers should enable employees to work from home and work remotely if possible;
  3. Children whose parents work from home will not attend kindergartens, except for preschool groups;
  4. Compliance with prescribed measures in public transport and stricter hygiene maintenance and disinfection of vehicles;
  5. Obligatory compliance with the prescribed measures in the organized transport of workers of certain companies with stricter hygiene maintenance and disinfection of vehicles;
  6. Strict control of compliance with the imposed measures in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, shopping centers, hairdressers’ and beauty salons, public institutions, companies and other collectives;
  7. Compliance with the model of working in educational institutions, which has proven to be functional;
  8. Recommendation to social care protection institutions if they have not prohibited visits to do so;
  9. Stricter measures of hygiene and current disinfection of public city areas and public companies and institutions, as well as disposal of waste in the city by the public utility company;
  10. In all shopping centers, sales, catering and other facilities, it is mandatory that information on the area and the maximum number of concurrent users is displayed and clearly visible at the entrance; in greengrocers’ and small retail produce shops where fresh fruits and vegetables are sold the citizens are not allowed to take the goods themselves, but it will be done for them by workers who must wear a protective mask and gloves, while the cash register will be operated by another person who will work exclusively with money;
  11. The directions of entry and exit from the green market as well as the directions of movement should be visibly marked in all green markets in order to make the passage easier for customers. The stands with produce will be covered with transparent cellophane where possible;
  12. In residential buildings disinfection of common areas should be done at least once a day and disinfection of handrails, handles, switches, buttons in the elevator several times a day;
  13. Cooperation with the media in order to timely and accurately inform the population.

The City of Niš Team for Emergency Situation Management adopted the recommendation that children from the first to the fourth grade attend classes at school in the elementary schools Stefan Nemanja and Duško Radović, and that the online classes should be organized for students from the fifth to the eighth grade. The online classes should be organized for all grades in the Secondary School Bora Stanković. Social Care Institution Mara for  daily care of children, youth and adults with mental disabilities, as well as people with elements of autism will organize individual work with its users.