ADŽDecember 7, 20202min57

Adults and the elderly who live in unfavorable conditions for staying in the winter months, who need urgent measures and immediate intervention of the Center for Social Care or do not have accommodation after hospital treatment, will be taken care of in a shelter within the Center for Social Services Mara. Niš Deputy Mayor Dušica Davidović and Director of the Center for Social Care Zoran Jović attended the opening of the shelter for adults and the elderly. “This is a temporary solution until March next year. The city will provide and equip another space for this service and for providing shelter for street children, and this place will be given to children and their parents for the respite from parenting program by the end of spring,” said Deputy Mayor Dušica Davidović. The space is a separate unit from the space where Mara residents stay with a separate entrance, yard, dining room, each room has its own bathroom, a separate isolation room for those not tested for corona-virus, provided health care, food and necessary clothes to stay in that space. The director of the Center for Social Care stated that the capacity will satisfy the needs for accommodation of those who were left without adequate family care until a permanent solution is found. The director of Mara Institution Miloš Randjelović thanked the city for the invested funds for equipping a new space of about 200 square meters, which meets the highest standards for providing services in the field of social protection.