ADŽDecember 2, 20203min52

The seventh session of the Niš Parliament was held. At the beginning of the session of the Assembly, the MPs paid their respects by minute of silence to the late Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Irinej. During two-day work of the Niš Parliament, which was chaired by the President Boban Džunić, 38 issues were on the agenda. By the decision of the MPs the expenditure in the budget was reduced by 165 million dinars compared to the original planned amount and now amounts to 11 198 million dinars. Due to the corona virus epidemic numerous projects were not realized, so that caused the budget volume to be reduced by 1.46%. The amount of transfers to city municipalities has increased by 35 million. The MPs also discussed the changes in the business program of the PE Directorate for Public Transport, the City Pharmacy Institution, the PE “Niš Stan”, the National Theater and Sports Center Čair as well as the changes in the Bylaw of Mara Institution. Changes and plans for general regulation of areas in Niš municipalities, average prices per square meter of real estate for determining the property tax next year, as well as the decision on how to regulate the debt of tenants of city business premises for April, May and June this year were discussed. The decision on expanding the activities of PUC Gorica ​​was also adopted, whose competence, in the following period, would be the maintenance of green areas in cemeteries. This work has so far been performed by PUC Mediana. MPs appointed a new acting director of Open University, as well as the members of school boards in several schools. The members of the supervisory boards of Mara Institution, Sports Center Čair and the Management Board of the Divljana Resort have also been appointed. The presidents and members of nine parliamentary commissions and boards were elected, and the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on Remuneration of MPs, Presidents and Members of Working Bodies was adopted, which stipulated that a MP with a disability can receive compensation in the amount of 20% of average net monthly salary per employee in the Republic of Serbia, according to the latest published data of the Republic Bureau of Statistics, for the purpose of unhindered performance of the function of MP.