ADŽNovember 11, 20202min191

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski visited the activists of “Delijski Vis” who were working on tidying up the ticket office near Skull Tower Monument, whose walls were painted with inappropriate graffiti for a monumental complex of great historical significance.The walls have been painted and will be protected with a mural with the motifs of the Battle of Čegar, the monument dedicated to the heroes of Čegar, Stevan Sinđelić, Skull Tower and it is the work of the academic painter Sava Mišić. “I hope that in this way we will prevent hooligans from ruining cultural monuments,” said the Mayor and added that the city would allocate funds for the following year to install lighting around the complex and in the immediate surrounding. She noticed that the initiative of “Delijski vis” was an example of how together we could do something good for the city and the citizens, and invited other companies and cultural institutions to follow such examples. The activists of “Delijski Vis”, in addition to painting the walls of the ticket office, cleaned the entire area, repaired the wooden bridge over the Gabrovac River, and painted the benches. The initiative of “Delijski vis” was supported by the city and the National Museum and the message sent was that any good idea would meet with the approval and help of the city, city institutions and organizations.