ADŽOctober 12, 20201min67

The Award Pavle Vuisic, which is given for an exceptional contribution to the art of acting in domestic feature films, was presented to actor Voja Brajović, and consists of a plaque with the image of Pavle Vuisić, a monograph dedicated to the laureate and a documentary about the winner of this prestigious award. The award ceremony was attended by Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski. The award is given by the Association of Film Actors of Serbia. Receiving the award from the president of the Association of Film Actors of Serbia Vladan Živković, the winner Voja Brajović said “that this award is not won, it is awarded”, and then he thanked his colleagues and talked about how great  master of acting was Pavle Vuisić with whom he had privilege to make movies together. Noting that many film actors have left the theater Brajović said that he “gave all his energy to the theater, much more than to film and television.