ADŽSeptember 18, 20202min380

One of the most important Serbian jazz musicians, pianist and composer Miloš Miša Krstić is the winner of this year’s Nisville Jazz Festival Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented in the City Hall by Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski. Mayor Sotirovski reminded of the last performance of Mišo Krstić in Nisville exactly 20 years ago and expressed satisfaction that she was the one who presented the award to Krstić that night. “After 20 years since that performance, you get this wonderful work of art that will remind you of Nisville and Niš, and new generations will talk about how Miša Krstić received the award during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic” said Sotirovski. “This year Niš is longing for real Nisville in the Fortress, but the Festival is getting ready for 2021 when two Nisville festivals will be merged in one” as Mayor Sotirovski emphasized.  Miloš Miša Krstić is one of the few jazz musicians who has never made any musical compromises and is the first musician from this area who completed master’s degree in jazz (1995) in the cradle of that music (University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville), where he worked as an assistant for combo ensembles and jazz history. “This award is significant on several grounds. First, it is awarded at a festival that is highly ranked on the list of music and jazz festivals in the world. It is especially important because it is awarded for original jazz, which is not presented to the public every day like a variety show. The most important thing is that it is awarded at the festival, which will be remembered as unique in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic “said Miloš Krstić after the award ceremony.