ADŽNovember 27, 20201min116

The famous American Magazine Forbes included Serbia on the list of five European destinations that should be visited immediately after the pandemic, citing Niš, as a historically important city. In a statement for the national TV Station RTS, on this occasion, Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski said that Niš would be ready to welcome tourists as early as the following spring. She invited everyone to come and feel our warmth, the way we celebrate live, our famous cuisine.  Niš Airport and new highways enable Niš to be reached quickly and safely from any part of the world. After 10 years the archeological site of Mediana will open its doors to visitors and tourists presenting the mosaics and the area where Emperor Constantine was born. It will also be a ticket to a real world tourist map. Monuments in Niš will be marked and they will be easily accessible. “Niš is a city where it is never boring, it exudes the beauty of nature and Niska Banja Spa and Sićevo Gorge are places that should definitely be visited. In any case they will bring back beautiful memories from here, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski.