ADŽDecember 11, 20201min78

Niš will be richer by 1,600 white ash seedlings through the initiative “Plant Your Shade” in which the citizens, the City Municipality of Palilula and PUC Mediana are participating. In the coming days, 1,350 free white ash seedlings will be distributed to the citizens of Niš who have previously applied to participate in this initiative. The Office for Youth of the City Municipality Palilula will plant 250 trees in the school yards and on the football fields. The citizens will be able to plant white ash only in their yard or on their property, and after planting they will have the obligation to take photos next to the tree and send the photo to the administrator of the action. The seedlings are the donation from socially responsible companies, the partners who responded to the invitation to participate in this action of the Green Development Center from Sremska Mitrovica, which has been marking the World Cleaning Day in the Republic of Serbia for five years. Along with the seedling, the citizens will receive planting instructions, a board for entering their name, planting date and the name of the partner who provided the seedling.