ADŽOctober 23, 20204min133

Niš City Council adopted amendments to the Rulebook on the Organization and Systematization of Jobs in the City Administration, which envisages the employment of tourist inspectors. “Nis is a tourist city and it is necessary to have tourist inspectors in order to bring order to this area as well,” Nis City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski told reporters after the City Council session. She reminded that only four republic inspectors in the Nisava Administrative District cover the territory from Kladovo to Preševo and that they covered the territory of Niš only upon reports by citizens. Three tourist inspectors in the Niš City Administration will cooperate with the republic tourist inspectors in the implementation of the provisions of the Law on Tourism. Their role will be primarily advisory. The Rulebook on Organization and Systematization defines the number of places and job descriptions in the Cabinet of the Mayor of Nis. Dragana Sotirovski mentioned that this did not imply new employments. The Cabinet will be an operational team in which those who have been already employed in the City Administration will work. Speaking about the epidemiological situation she said that Niš was not considering declaring a state of emergency. “We are planning to open a temporary COVID hospital, most likely in Sports Hall Čair, which would be an aid to the Niš Clinical Center, where patients from Kladovo to Presevo are admitted. In ten days, that temporary COVID hospital will be ready to receive patients, “said Mayor Sotirovski. The City Council adopted the proposal of the Decision on giving consent to the final draft of the agreement on public-private-partnership for performing the services of replacement, reconstruction and maintenance of the part of the public lighting system on the territory of the City of Niš. This project will replace public lighting lamps, and the guaranteed saving of electricity is 73.37 %. The private partner undertakes to install the new LED lighting within nine months, to maintain it for the next 15 years and to guarantee the stated amount of savings in electricity. The city will not have additional financial allocations in the implementation of this project, as the Head of the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects, Dušan Radivojević, and the director of PUC Parking Service Dejan Dimitrijević, told reporters. In addition to significant budget savings, the new public lighting is in the function of environmental protection and human health The City Council made a decision on the participation of Niš in the implementation of the project Management of Glass Packaging in the Western Balkans” which is implemented by GIZ on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and in partnership with the operator Sekopak (Belgrade), National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED). In the city and the villages of Nis, 300 standard containers for the primary collection of glass waste will be installed, announced the City Councilor Sonja Milojković. The City of Niš has no financial obligations under this project. The general goal of the project is to improve the collection and adequate treatment of glass packaging, to develop adequate business models applicable in local self-government units and to raise citizens’ awareness of the importance of glass waste recycling.