ADŽDecember 5, 20201min52

Republic of Serbia Minister of Defense Nebojša Stefanović, accompanied by the manager of the Military Hospital Deputy Mayor and Assistant Mayor as well the director of Niš Clinical Center, visited the accommodation facilities of the part of Military Hospital where patients with corona-virus would be treated. 50 beds with an oxygen support system have been designated for treatment of the Covid patients. “I hope that this will make the work easier for the Clinical Center in Niš and that we will help all those patients who come and who are mostly patients with severe health problems caused by corona virus and who are in semi-intensive and intensive care, to get quality and good treatment and return home as soon as possible”, said Minister Stefanović. Support to the Military Hospital in equipment and medical staff was provided by the Niš Clinical Center. The representatives of the city talked with the Minister about the possibilities for the Military Hospital, when the conditions are met, to grow into a health institution of the health care secondary level, where civilians will also be treated. Minister Stefanović expressed understanding for such an initiative.