Mirjana RadićSeptember 8, 20202min105

Nš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the members of Niš City Council organized a meeting in the City Hall with the owners of hotels, restaurants and travel agencies in order to have a better insight into the problems they were facing during the pandemic, bearing in mind that the tertiary sector was most affected. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Niš Tourism Organisation, city public utility companies, Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. The owners of the hotels suggested that local self-government could help by reducing the company name display communal fee. They also suggested that the method of charging the waste disposal should be by kilograms of produced waste and not by the business premises area. The PUC Medijana would give its feedback upon the position. The representatives of PUC Naissus also offered the owners of hotels and restaurants discounts and some payment reliefs in paying their water bills. The business operations of travel agencies have been affected the most due to the pandemic and they expected the greatest help from the Government of Serbia. The city officials promised the owners of hotels, restaurants and travel agencies to keep them informed regularly the plans of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and its strategy of providing assistance to that sector as well as about the necessary conditions for applying for financial assistance.