ADŽDecember 26, 20202min40

On behalf of the City and on my personal behalf I would like express my sincere condolences to the family and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts on the occasion of the death of the academician prof Ninoslav Stojadinovic, PhD. The words are a small consolation in the moments when we are facing the loss of a world-famous and recognized scientist, a man who was ahead of his time, the founder of the Department of Microelectronics at the Nis Faculty of Electronics and the former dean of that faculty who promoted Nis to the center of micro and nano-electronics. The scientific contribution of Ninoslav Stojadinović, a regular member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the president of the Branch of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Niš, is immeasurable and irreparable. His scientific papers have been cited more than 500 times in publications of international importance by other authors. Based on his research several technological solutions have been realized, six of which have been applied in the semiconductor industry in our country and in the world, and all these are just only a part of the biography and bibliography of academician Ninoslav Stojadinović. Academician Ninoslav Stojadinović was a Niš citizen, he was with us and he stays with us through his work, his philanthropy that we will remember. In addition to his scientific contribution, Ninoslav Stojadinović, a former member of the National Assembly and its vice president, and then ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina, represented and defended the interests of Serbia in difficult times for the homeland and its citizens. We have all lost in these difficult times. The city and Serbia, his friends, his fellow citizens, family in particular have accepted the news of his departure with sadness and disbelief.

May he rest in peace!

Niš City Mayor

Dragana Sotirovski