ADŽDecember 31, 20202min26

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski with her deputy Dušica Davidović visited the users of the shelter for adults and the elderly in the “Mara” institution and got acquainted with the conditions of their accommodation and health care for them. The joint New Year’s lunch with the users was an opportunity to meet them, find out about their problems and wish them a Happy New Year 2021. Dragana Sotirovski told reporters that the capacity of the shelter was filled and that it was proof of the justification for providing this type of service. “In the next year we will have to provide a facility for this type of service, which will last 365 days a year, because the occupancy of the shelter indicates that,” said Mayor Sotirovski. The users of the shelter told the Mayor expressing their impressions of the shelter that the conditions of accommodation, food, hygiene and health care were at a high level. The shelter accommodates adults and elderly people who live in disadvantaged conditions for staying in the winter months, who need urgent measures and immediate intervention of the Center for Social Work or do not have accommodation after hospital treatment. The space is a separate unit with a yard, dining room, the rooms with separate bathrooms, a separate isolation room for those who have not been tested for coronavirus, provided health care, food and the necessary clothes to stay in that space. The shelter in “Mara” will be open for the accommodation of the socially disadvantaged until March, and later that space will be intended for the parenthood respite program.