ADŽJanuary 18, 20211min84

The supply of drinking water is completely normalized and the water is correct and safe for drinking, as it was announced from PUC for water supply Naissus. The controlled quality of drinking water is in accordance with the Rulebook on Health and Chemical Safety of drinking water in extraordinary situations. PUC Naissus controls 70 water samples every day at various locations starting from the water springs through the accompanying facilities and reservoirs to the final consumers. Naissus Laboratory carries out 40 samplings in the Sanitary Control Service while in the Institute of Public Health Nis the water from an additional 30 locations was analyzed in the form of external control. The decision to declare a state of emergency in the field of water supply remains in force due to the announcement of meteorologists about the sudden warming that could cause accelerated melting of snow and increase turbidity at springs, about which the public will be informed in a timely manner.