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October 29


The delegation of the Austrian Employment Service, which is the guest of the Nis branch of the National Employment Service, met with Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic. The aim of the meeting was to present to the representatives of the Austrian delegation the local government, which was good example when it came to investing locally in active employment policy measures implemented in the city for several years. One of the information heard on this occasion is that Austrian companies operating in Serbia employ more than 20,000 people, but that 38,000 Serbs have citizenship in Austria. In 2018 alone, 3,000 new approvals were issued, 2,000 of which were through employers, and 1,000 were personal requests and these are people with higher education, In this country, most Serbs are employed in construction and masonry, and then in tourism. Many people work as cooks or waiters, but there are many in the metal industry. “The National Employment Service of the Republic of Serbia has traditionally had good relations with the Austrian Employment Service, especially since 2015 when we signed the protocol on cooperation between the two services. During this period we had the opportunity to learn from a well-organized service, if not the best in Europe, how to apply some of their experiences, how to work with employers, with unemployed persons, how to use funds for programs and measures of active employment policy” said Zoran Martinovic, the director of the Serbian National Employment Service. In Serbia, about 500,000 people are currently registered with the National Employment Service, and this number is decreasing from month to month. The unemployment rate is 10.3 percent, the lowest ever recorded. We hope to get closer to the European rate.