ADŽDecember 2, 20202min52

At the meeting between Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, the director of PE Corridors of Serbia Aleksandar Antić and the director of the Water Management Company Srbijavode Goran Puzović and his associates it was agreed to build a road from Malča to Prosek in the length of 1.5 kilometers and the development of the riverbed of the Malčanska river in the length of 150 meters. According to that agreement the works should start in the spring of next year. The realization of these works will enable exit from the highway at Malča interchange towards Spa of Niška Banja for everyone who comes from the direction of Belgrade, Dimitrovgrad or Eastern Serbia, without having to pass through the city. In this way Spa of Niška Banja becomes more accessible to tourists and passers-by who want to spend a holiday in the spa or to visit it. Niš City Mayor mentioned that it would be good to illuminate the interchanges at Malča and Matejevac in a reasonable time, as well as to carry out works on the rehabilitation of the regional road from the end of Knjaževačka Street to Malča.