ADŽNovember 25, 20201min95

The budget of the City of Niš will be reduced by 165 794 190 dinars compared to the current budget and will amount to 11 198 029507 dinars, i.e., it will be reduced by 1.46 %. This is the first rebalance this year and it was necessary due to the corona virus pandemic. The proposed rebalance reduced the funds of the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects by 310 million dinars due to the impossibility of implementing certain programs this year due to the pandemic and increased allocations for public transport by 277 million dinars and the employment of pregnant women by five million dinars. Public Utility Company Gorica will take over the maintenance of the greenery in the cemeteries from next year, and Public Utility Company for Billing of the fees for communal services will collect the costs for the delivered water. The city will reconstruct the Kulište thermal baths in Niška Banja Spa. City of Niš will start preparing local anti-corruption programs.