ADŽOctober 8, 20201min223

The City of Niš will be on the route of the 61st International Cycling Race through Serbia as it was announced at the meeting between Niš City Council Member Branislav Kačar and the president of the Cycling Association of Serbia Branko Banović, the president of the Cycling Association of Republika Srpska and the director Vladimir Kuvalja. The start of the Race through Serbia to be held next June will be in Serbia and the finish would be in Republika Srpska. The participation of Niš in this international race is a chance to promote the city as a sports tourist center throughout the year, and not only during the event. Race through Serbia is in the official calendar of the World Cycling Federation and will be classified in the first category competition.


ADŽOctober 8, 20202min293

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski welcomed H.E. Italian Ambassador Carlo Lo Cascio at Niš City Hall and the two officials talked about the improvement of cooperation in the field of economy, tourism and culture. Mayor Sotirovski said that the two friendly countries were connected by many topics and that they would work together to motivate Italian businessmen to invest even more in this part of Serbia. The convenience for further development of cooperation is Niš-Bergamo airline as well as built road corridors and those planned to be built, with the expectations of introducing direct flights from Niš Airport to new destinations in Italy. Niš is ready to provide Italian investors with all the necessary logistical support. The issues of dual education and the access to ancient tombs in the area of the former Nitex Company now owned by the Italian company was raised at the meeting as well. His Excellency reminded that 600 Italian companies were present in Serbia employing 30 000 workers thus having direct impact on the local economic development of the communities where they are operating.  After the meeting with the Mayor Sotirovski the Ambassador Lo Cascio met with the members of the Italian business community in South East Serbia. Welcoming the guests Mayor Sotirovski said that the City Hall was always open for all of them and expressed readiness for joint implementation of new initiatives and constant improvement and enrichment of cooperation.


ADŽOctober 8, 20202min241

Niš City Mayor and the Commander of the City HQ for Emergency Situations Dragana Sotirovski assessed that the epidemiological situation was very serious and called on fellow citizens to comply with prescribed measures for protection against infectious diseases caused by the COVID-19 virus. “People need to understand how serious the situation is and how the epidemiological situation changes from day to day, from hour to hour,” said Mayor Sotirovski, who is also a member of the Republic Crisis Staff for the Suppression of Infectious Diseases COVID -19. Addressing the public Mayor Sotirovski reminded that the latest decision limited the work of cafes and restaurants to 11.00 pm and that the Communal Militia would be more rigorous towards those who do not respect the prescribed epidemiological measures.”We have been praised by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić that citizens in Niš wear masks, but what is not good is that there are some cafes and restaurants that do not comply with the measures regarding the number of people indoors, the prescribed distance and working hours,” the Mayor pointed out. She appealed to the owners of hotels and restaurants to respect the prescribed epidemiological measures that protect our citizens. Mayor Sotirovski assessed that the epidemiological situation is unfavorable and that a circle has been formed around Serbia with a large number of infected people in neighboring countries. By respecting the measures we are also protecting our health care system.


ADŽOctober 3, 20201min236

The 4th session of the Assembly of the City of Niš was held on Friday last week. After the adoption of the Decision on amendments to the Decision on the City of Niš Development Plan for the period 2021-2027, the decisions on the transfer of public property to the republic within the project of construction of the factory for LED lighting, as well as the decision on additional activities of the institution Mara, a daily care of children, youth and adults with mental disabilities, were adopted by urgent procedure. Also, the annual reports together with financial reports of the institutions founded by the City were adopted, and a new director of the Pharmacy Institution Niš and the acting director of the Public Utility Company Gorica were appointed.


ADŽOctober 1, 20201min645

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski with the President of the City Municipality of Pantelej, Natasa Stanković, visited the company Olimpias Knitting Serbia and visited the plants of that company, which currently employs more than 700 workers.  On this occasion the director of the company Mr. Giovanni Antonioli  announced the expansion of the capacity and the employment of another 240 workers. The company produces about 12,000 knits a day, and also produces the latest models of protective masks. The Mayor expressed readiness to improve cooperation and speed up all administrative procedures within the city’s jurisdiction. The interest of the Italian partners in the introduction of a dual education system in which they will cooperate with the city was highlighted during the conversation, as well as  the better use of the Niš-Bergamo airline. In the area of the former factory Nitex, where the facilities of this Italian company are located, about 1,200 workers were employed. Italian companies in Serbia employ about 30,000 workers.


ADŽOctober 1, 20202min322

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski met with the H.E. Radko Vlajkov, the Ambassador of Bulgaria to Serbia and Mr. Dimitar Tsanev, the General Consul of Bulgaria in Niš. Serbia and Bulgaria have  very good friendly relations, and Niš occupies an important place in those relations. “Sofia is the closest capital of a country, a member of the European Union, which is an advantage that Niš should use. Corridor 10, the future gas pipeline, the modernization of the railway line towards the Serbian-Bulgarian border, Bulgarian companies working in Niš and Serbia, the members of the Bulgarian national minority, the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Niš, all these are the topics that connect us”, said Mayor Sotirovski. After the meeting all the participants assessed that the talks were concrete, meaningful and that they represented a step forward in the improvement of friendly relations. Ambassador Vlajkov thanked for the very good and correct attitude towards the members of the Bulgarian national minority, as well as for the hospitality and good attitude towards the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Niš. He confirmed that the two sides will cooperate in motivating Bulgarian businessmen to invest in Serbia and Niš region. City of Niš will consider Ambassador’s proposal to open a kind of Bulgarian corner which would be a place where all the interested parties could get together and work on strengthening economic relations, developing tourism, improving cultural cooperation. Mayor Sotirovski and Ambassador Vlajkov announced a joint meeting of experts working on project development in order to improve cross-border cooperation and be more efficient in applying for funds from the European Union. The invitation was extended to Niš City Mayor from the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova to visit Sofia with the expressed belief that these talks on cooperation will be meaningful and concrete.


ADŽSeptember 30, 20201min254

Niš City Council Member Prof Vladislav Marjanovic, PhD, said that in adapting to the conditions of globalization, innovation became the main resource of development. “In order to be able to innovate, you have to create knowledge, and to create knowledge one of the ways is to support responsible projects that connect science and practice,” said Marjanovic at the opening of the co-working zone at the Faculty of Electronics in Niš whose equipment was financially supported by the company NIS. The opening ceremony was attended by the RS Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Mladen Šarčević, and the General Manager of NIS, Kyrill Tyurdenev. NIS has invested around 100 million dinars in Niš, in recent years, said Marjanović and added that NIS, as a socially responsible company will support other projects as well. At the end of 2019, NIS and the Faculty of Electronics in Niš signed an agreement on business and technical cooperation, according to which the company NIS donated funds for the purchase of computer equipment for the implementation of joint projects in the field of digitalization and new technologies in the amount of 3.5 million dinars.


ADŽSeptember 22, 20202min439

By closing the traffic along main city streets of General Milojko Lesjanin and Vozda Karadjordja, from 09.00 to 12.00 the traditional Day without Cars was marked.  The Member of Niš City Council Sonja Milojković, in charge of environmental protection, stated that the City of Niš, this year as well as the previous ones, has been participating in the celebration of the European Mobility Week, which is being held from September 16 to 22. The European Mobility Week is being marked under the slogan Mobility without Pollution for All in our city for the 17th time, as well as the World Car Free Day. “European Mobility Week is an annual campaign that promotes sustainable urban mobility and encourages local governments across Europe to introduce sustainable transport measures, develop infrastructure for sustainable urban mobility and offer their citizens alternatives to car use,” said councilor Milojković. The theme of this year’s event reflects the European Commission’s ambitious goal of making Europe a carbon-neutral continent by 2050 – that is, emitting as much carbon dioxide as nature can absorb, thus eliminating one of the main factors of climate change. A healthier environment, better air quality, lower noise levels, as well as greater traffic safety are the goals of the campaign that ended today with Car Free Day. This year, due to the special situation we are in, the European Mobility Week is held in specific circumstances, without organizing mass gatherings, characteristic for this event.


ADŽSeptember 18, 20201min411

Assistant Minister of Health for Inspection Affairs Goran Stamenkovic and Nis City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski agreed to intensify cooperation between the Nis Communal Police and the Republic Sanitary Inspection in implementing measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to prevent and combat infectious diseases COVID-19 in territory of the City of Nis. The Communal Police will continue the daily control of all facilities in the hospitality sector in order to minimize the risk of infection.”We are aware that an epidemiologically difficult autumn awaits us, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Crisis Management Team, we have adopted measures, postponing most of the events for next year and banning public gatherings. The health of our citizens is in the first place, “as the Mayor pointed out.


ADŽSeptember 18, 20202min380

One of the most important Serbian jazz musicians, pianist and composer Miloš Miša Krstić is the winner of this year’s Nisville Jazz Festival Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented in the City Hall by Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski. Mayor Sotirovski reminded of the last performance of Mišo Krstić in Nisville exactly 20 years ago and expressed satisfaction that she was the one who presented the award to Krstić that night. “After 20 years since that performance, you get this wonderful work of art that will remind you of Nisville and Niš, and new generations will talk about how Miša Krstić received the award during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic” said Sotirovski. “This year Niš is longing for real Nisville in the Fortress, but the Festival is getting ready for 2021 when two Nisville festivals will be merged in one” as Mayor Sotirovski emphasized.  Miloš Miša Krstić is one of the few jazz musicians who has never made any musical compromises and is the first musician from this area who completed master’s degree in jazz (1995) in the cradle of that music (University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville), where he worked as an assistant for combo ensembles and jazz history. “This award is significant on several grounds. First, it is awarded at a festival that is highly ranked on the list of music and jazz festivals in the world. It is especially important because it is awarded for original jazz, which is not presented to the public every day like a variety show. The most important thing is that it is awarded at the festival, which will be remembered as unique in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic “said Miloš Krstić after the award ceremony.