ADŽOctober 1, 20202min80

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski met with the H.E. Radko Vlajkov, the Ambassador of Bulgaria to Serbia and Mr. Dimitar Tsanev, the General Consul of Bulgaria in Niš. Serbia and Bulgaria have  very good friendly relations, and Niš occupies an important place in those relations. “Sofia is the closest capital of a country, a member of the European Union, which is an advantage that Niš should use. Corridor 10, the future gas pipeline, the modernization of the railway line towards the Serbian-Bulgarian border, Bulgarian companies working in Niš and Serbia, the members of the Bulgarian national minority, the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Niš, all these are the topics that connect us”, said Mayor Sotirovski. After the meeting all the participants assessed that the talks were concrete, meaningful and that they represented a step forward in the improvement of friendly relations. Ambassador Vlajkov thanked for the very good and correct attitude towards the members of the Bulgarian national minority, as well as for the hospitality and good attitude towards the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Niš. He confirmed that the two sides will cooperate in motivating Bulgarian businessmen to invest in Serbia and Niš region. City of Niš will consider Ambassador’s proposal to open a kind of Bulgarian corner which would be a place where all the interested parties could get together and work on strengthening economic relations, developing tourism, improving cultural cooperation. Mayor Sotirovski and Ambassador Vlajkov announced a joint meeting of experts working on project development in order to improve cross-border cooperation and be more efficient in applying for funds from the European Union. The invitation was extended to Niš City Mayor from the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova to visit Sofia with the expressed belief that these talks on cooperation will be meaningful and concrete.