ADŽDecember 28, 20201min24

Branko Miljković award, which is given for the best book of poetry published in 2019, was presented to the poet Nenad Milošević for the collection “Songs from Limbo” published by the Cultural Center of Novi Sad. The award was presented to the laureate by the Deputy Mayor of NiŠ Dušica Davidović. The decision on the award was made by a jury composed of Prof Goran Maksimović, PhD, literary critic and theorist from Niš, Dragan Bošković, PhD and Vojislav Karanović, poets from Belgrade. Thanking for the award Milošević spoke about the discovery of Branko Miljkovic’s poetry and that the discovery was “difficult and painful”, but that he showed him what the poet was.  Branko Miljković award consists of a charter, a statuette – the replica of Jupiter on the Throne, as well as a monetary amount. The Days of Branko Miljković are financially supported by the City of Niš and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.