DMSeptember 4, 20201min192


The best athletes from Niš, sixty-three of them, received scholarships from the City of Niš, for which about 6 million dinars were allocated from the budget this year. About 90 athletes from 36 organizations applied and sixty-three of them will receive 6,800 dinars a month throughout the year. Nis City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski awarded scholarship contracts together with the greatest basketball coach of all time Mr. Svetislav Pesic, who, with his presence at the ceremony in Niš, confirmed why he was a legend of Serbian sports and how important this type of support and motivation was for athletes.


DMSeptember 4, 20201min194


Ms. Vladislava Ivković, the Head of the Secretariat for Communal Affairs, Energy and Transport, and Ms. Sanja Stajić, MD, who w the President of the Provisional Authority of the Municipality of Merošina until now, are the new Assistant Mayors to the Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski. As previously announced, the assistant mayors will be in charge of areas not covered by city councilors.



DMSeptember 4, 20201min190


The candidate for the new Niš City Chief Planner is Ms. Tanja Obradović, a graduate engineer of architecture and a national urban inspector in the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure. She was proposed for that position at the session of the Niš City Council by the President of the City Council, Mayor Dragana Sotirovski. The members of Niš City Assembly will decide on the appointment of Ms. Tanja Obradović at the session of the Niš City Assembly next week.

DMAugust 25, 20201min197

The new Mayor of Nis Mrs. Dragana Sotirovski has officially taken over the function from the previous Mayor Darko Bulatović. The employees from the Mayor’s Office and the City Council’s Office welcomed the first woman to serve as the Mayor in the history of Nis. Darko Bulatović was the Mayor for 4 years, while the current Mayor Dragana Sotirovski was the head of the Nisava Administrative District.


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August 21, 2020

The members of the City of Nis Assembly elected Mrs. Dragana Sotirovski from Serbian Progressive Party as the new Mayor of the City of Nis. Dušica Davidović, from Serbian Progressive Party, was elected Deputy Mayor.  Niš City Assembly also elected 9 members of the Niš City Council Board. The future councilors of Niš City Council Board are: Slobodan Randjelović, Sonja Milojković, Adriana Anastasov, Nenad Stanković, Marija Randjelović, Predrag Stojanović, Vladislav Marijanović, Miroslav Djokić and Branislav Kačar. The members of the city parliament also adopted the proposal to elect Igor Novaković as the Deputy Speaker of the City Assembly.


DMAugust 20, 20201min201

August 20, 2020

Niš City Assembly  verified the mandates of the 61 councilors. Boban Džunić, a lawyer from Niš, was elected Speaker of the City Parliament by a majority of votes. Mrs. Ruzica Djordjevic was elected the Secretary General for the second time. The majority of the city parliament consists of the Serbian Progressive Party councilor group with 47 councilors, the Serbian Socialist Party – United Serbia with 6 councilors, Nis My City Assembly Group with 4 councilors, Serbian Patriotic Union with 3 and the Russian Party with 1 councilor.



DMFebruary 13, 20203min1332


Financial Times fDi magazine has published a ranking list of the financial, economic and business potentials of cities and regions of Europe. These rankings identify the cities and regions with the most promising potential for investment, economic development and economic growth. The City of NiS once again found itself in this list of the most promising cities based on its potential, evident growth of foreign investments and quality support of the city administration to local economic development and investments through the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. The years of continuous work and support of the Office and institutions of local self-government, as well as significant support of the Republic of Serbia are behind this prestigious recognition and the results that have led to it. In 2018/19 City of Nis ranked 7th. This year, based on the prestigious magazine’s report and officially rank, the City of Nis climbed up the ranking ladder  and ranked 6th in the category of small European cities of the future for 2020/2021 in terms of development strategy and 5th in the category referring to the  terms of profitability for investment. Financial Times collected data using special on-line tools, fdi references and data from the fdi market, as well as other sources. Data were collected for 489 locations and 150 regions in five categories: economic potential, human capital, operating costs, infrastructure and business environment. The locations received a maximum of 10 points for each category, as measured by the importance in the foreign investment realization process, to rank cities and regions first in the subgroups and then in the final ranking groups. In addition, the research was conducted in six categories of the foreign direct investments. In this category, the ranking participants themselves submitted reports detailing their strategy for attracting foreign investment, which was then evaluated by a Financial Times jury. The jury also considered the size of the cities and regions, so they were divided into large, medium, small and micro. The evaluation criteria were numerous: 20 in the area of economic potential, 15 in the area of human capital and quality of life, 18 in the area of business costs, 19 in the area of availability, i.e. geographical position and transport links and 23 criteria for the business environment, i.e. for the support provided by the city administration to the implementation of the FDI projects.


DMDecember 23, 20191min748

The representatives of the Russian State Pedagogical University Herzen from St. Petersburg and the University of Nis met at the Nis City Hall in order to keep the Russian language in primary and secondary schools in Nis, but also in order to facilitate holding lectures in the Russian language. The two universities will jointly implement the project, which will be funded by the Russian side. The idea for this project came from the state level, and Nis was selected to be the representative of the Serbian side, said Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur. He said the Russian side was ready to fund the project as a whole. The Deputy Mayor said that the content and the manner of implementation would be defined in the coming period. He pointed out that the need for learning Russian language was increasing. In continuation of the visit to Nis, the delegation laid flowers on the monument to the Russian pilots killed in World War II, and then visited the Museum of Former Concentration Camp Crveni Krst and the Skull Tower memorial complex.


DMDecember 6, 20193min659



For the second time the Festival of Drama and Theater in the Balkan cultural area “Theater at the Crossroads” will be held in Nis, March 11-19, 2020. In addition to eight productions in competition selection from Serbia and the region an entire series of accompanying programs will be organized: the round table of critique, the panel discussion, as well as promotions of books and theatre journals. This year Festival is organized under the patronage of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. As the only theatre festival with an idea to gather theatre art of the Balkan cultural space in one place, the Theatre at the Crossroads aims at affirming similarities and differences of the cultural identity of countries and peoples sharing the same space, of the country of Serbia and Niš as the crossroads of European and world routes, and strengthening international cultural exchange, promoting theatre art and theatre creators, exchanging ideas and theatre practices and it is committed to challenges and perspectives of the contemporary theatre. “Apart from the fact that all the offered performances represent exceptional artistic achievements, it should be emphasized that several productions from this selection are a good example of permeating differences that belong to the Balkan crossroads and, in particular, opening up the possibility of reconsidering the relation of the theaters from these areas to the drama classics and questioning the meaning of the term.” freedom, “said the director of the Nis National Theater and Spasoje Z. Milovanovic. The support to the festival this year was given by the City of Nis and Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović.  “Life does not make sense without culture, and together we should work not only to preserve culture and art, but also to promote it. Nis once again shows that it has this capacity. When it comes to art and creativity the progress is evident. The support of the city is bigger from year to year when the organization of the Festival is in question, so we increased the amount of funds for all festivals in Nis for the next year”, said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović. The Mayor said that the city was also taking care of the necessary infrastructure for the functioning of the cultural institutions and that it has allocated funds from the city budget for these purposes. Also the city plans to to build a new multifunctional cultural facility with the capacity of up to 2,000 seats.