Mirjana RadićSeptember 11, 20201min226

The meeting of Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski with the presidents of city municipalities, the presidents of city municipality assemblies and the heads of municipal administrations was organized in order to solve the most basic problems, primarily the relationship between the city and city municipalities which implies more relying on each other to solve the problems of Niš citizens in a more efficient way. The problems in city municipalities are mostly related to communal infrastructure, out-of-market sales or unfinished projects. It was agreed that the plans of the city municipalities should be coordinated with the city plans. “This is a very important meeting for us to establish a way of communication and joint work so that the citizens are satisfied, the city develops smoothly, and it is necessary to act unitedly towards ministries and funds for cross-border cooperation,” said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski after the meeting. The meeting between the Mayor and the representatives of the city municipalities, as announced, will most likely be organized twice a month in the future.


Mirjana RadićSeptember 10, 20201min228

His Eminence Bishop of Niš Mr. Arsenije and the Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski visited the works on the church of St. Basil of Ostrog in Niš settlement Duvanište. It has been five years since the construction of the church began at the request of Duvanište community after the bombing in 1999, which took place on May 12, on the Day of St. Basil of Ostrog. Then, as His Eminence the Bishop of Niš, Mr. Arsenije reminded, not a single citizen of Niš lost his or her life. This building will be open to all our Orthodox believers next year. “The city will do everything that is important to facilitate the official opening of the church on the very date when the Saint Basil is celebrated next year” as Mayor Sotirovski said. The plans will be made with Niš City Chief Town Planner according to which the area around the church would be landscaped.


Mirjana RadićSeptember 10, 20201min88

At the session of the Assembly of the City of Niš the decision on the annual statement of accounts for City of Niš budget for 2019 was adopted, which determined the revenues and expenses of the budget. The revenue in 2019 was 8.9 billion dinars, which was one billion dinars more than in the year before. The city generated income most from the property tax (1 billion and three hundred million dinars) and salary tax (4 billion dinars). Ms. Tanja Obradović, a graduate engineer of architecture, has been appointed Chief City Urban Planner. She has been working as a republic urban inspector in the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure since 2005, and she is the current Head of the Niš Department – at the Republic urban-construction inspection. A new Commission for City Plans was appointed at the session, whose president would be the Chief City Urban Planner. A new City Crisis Management was appointed as well. The Assembly confirmed the mandate for three new councilors coming from Serbian Progressive Party.


Mirjana RadićSeptember 8, 20202min89

Nš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the members of Niš City Council organized a meeting in the City Hall with the owners of hotels, restaurants and travel agencies in order to have a better insight into the problems they were facing during the pandemic, bearing in mind that the tertiary sector was most affected. The meeting was attended by the representatives of Niš Tourism Organisation, city public utility companies, Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. The owners of the hotels suggested that local self-government could help by reducing the company name display communal fee. They also suggested that the method of charging the waste disposal should be by kilograms of produced waste and not by the business premises area. The PUC Medijana would give its feedback upon the position. The representatives of PUC Naissus also offered the owners of hotels and restaurants discounts and some payment reliefs in paying their water bills. The business operations of travel agencies have been affected the most due to the pandemic and they expected the greatest help from the Government of Serbia. The city officials promised the owners of hotels, restaurants and travel agencies to keep them informed regularly the plans of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and its strategy of providing assistance to that sector as well as about the necessary conditions for applying for financial assistance.


Mirjana RadićSeptember 8, 20201min99

The city fountain on King Milan Square has been put into operation and is making the city center beautiful again. The fountain has not been operating since the beginning of summer season due to a malfunction in the system that controlled the pumps. The fountain will be additionally cleaned to shine in full splendor. By the end of the week seven public drinking water taps will be put into operation on the territory of Nis City Municipalities, where PUC Naissus checked the bacterial-chemical correctness of the water. Niš citizens will be able to use the public taps in Svetosavski Park in front of the Mediana Town House, the tap on King Alexander Square, the tap near the church in Svetosavski Park, the tap on 14. Oktobar Square and the tap near the Main City Health Center. The public taps in the Fortress, as well as in the central park in Niška Banja, are also being put into operation. Other public taps in the city will be available to citizens after confirmation of technical and bacterial-chemical correctness.


Mirjana RadićSeptember 8, 20202min94

The President of the Niš City Assembly Boban Džunić held a meeting with the heads of the Niš City Assembly Parliamentary groups. The meeting was attended by Zvezdan Milovanović, the head of the Parliamentary Group ALEKSANDAR VUČIĆ- FOR OUR CHILDREN, Mile Ilić, PhD in Law Studies, the head of the IVICA DAČIĆ – SOCIALIST PARTY OF SERBIA, UNITED SERBIA – DRAGAN MARKOVIĆ PALMA, Dragoslav Ćirković,  the head of the Parliamentary Group NIŠ – MY CITY, Nikola Marinković, the head of the Parliamentary Group SERBIAN PATRIOTIC ALLIANCE NIŠ, and Slavoljub Savić, the head of the Parliamentary Group PARTY OF UNITED PENSIONERS OF SERBIA – PUPS. During the discussion on the planned items on the agenda of the 3rd session of the City Assembly of Nis, scheduled for Wednesday, September 9, 2020, President Džunić pointed out openness to all proposals that would improve the future work of the Niš Parliament. In addition to the existence of good and constructive cooperation with the executive part of the city authorities, President Džunić emphasized that the Office of Niš City Parliament was available to all councilor groups in terms of professional assistance and support in their work.


Mirjana RadićSeptember 3, 20201min116

“Nis needs to get attributes of big cities”, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski at a meeting with representatives of the City of Nis Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. Suggesting all projects for which the Office could apply, whether they attract domestic or foreign investors, Mayor Sotirovski pointed out that she expected constant information from OLEDP Team on a daily basis so that all projects important for Nis could be prepared and executed timely. Niš needs new kindergartens, factories for hard-to-employ categories of the population, new green markets, favorable economic environment, but also a botanical garden, a zoo and everything that makes the city modern. It is also important to regularly apply for funds that would solve the problem of Roma settlements in the long run. The representatives of OLEDP will offer support mechanisms to all plans related to economic development and they are ready, as they say, to consistently report to the Mayor on all potentially good projects that could bring Nis significant development funds.


Mirjana RadićSeptember 3, 20201min116

At the meeting between Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and Nis City Council Members with the directors of public utility companies in Niš various topics were discussed, starting from solving current problems related to the city communal services to delegating new ideas and proposals for more functional and beautiful city, more accessible to Niš citizens in all segments. One of the ideas is to relocate the wholesale green market and bring it closer to the locals of the surrounding villages. Another idea is to bring the city to the river, develop Niš quay and construct special dams to obtain calm surface of the river waters. These are just some of the plans that were on the agenda of the meeting between Mayor Sotirovski and the directors of public utility companies in Niš, which, with their realization, would significantly change the appearance of the city and improve the life of its citizens.


Mirjana RadićSeptember 3, 20201min96

“The doors of Niš City Hall are always open for you,” as Nis City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski  told the principals of primary and secondary schools, on the occasion of awarding the protective equipment, which are a donation of the City to Nis to those schools. The Italian company Olimpias Knitting Serbia DOO from Niš, which is a subcontractor of Company Benetton provided the donation and the team of benefactors was joined by public utility companies from Niš, which provided contactless thermometers for all Niš schools. All employees in Niš schools received two long-lasting masks. Mayor Sotirovski said that the city would continue with donations during the school year and that it would deal with the problem of lacking space, as well as all other school needs.


Mirjana RadićSeptember 3, 20201min88

Nis City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski visited the Elementary School Radoje Domanović in Nis and the children who were starting their first grade this year. Mayor Sotirovski and a little girl cut the red ribbon and officially announced the beginning of the school year. “I would like to congratulate to you all the beginning of a new school year, and especially to those pupils starting their first grade this year. I want you to make your families happy with good grades, but above all I wish to all of you good health”, said  Mayor Sotirovski, hoping that the new epidemiological assessments will be such that the children could return to regular activities as soon as possible. She concluded that the local self-government was there to take care about the conditions in which the schools were working and to allocate the necessary funds in the city budget.