ADŽDecember 3, 20201min8

The workers of PUC Mediana have started clearing the space between the blocks of buildings in Gornjomatejevačka Street, where the planting of the first of 170 planned spruce trees will begin tomorrow. This was agreed at the last meeting held with the citizens of that part of the city with Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski. The investor agreed to switch the plot intended for the construction of a building instead of a park with the city. Spruce trees will be planted along the perimeter of the future park, and the landscaping of that space will be continued at the beginning of spring.


ADŽDecember 2, 20202min6

At the meeting between Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, the director of PE Corridors of Serbia Aleksandar Antić and the director of the Water Management Company Srbijavode Goran Puzović and his associates it was agreed to build a road from Malča to Prosek in the length of 1.5 kilometers and the development of the riverbed of the Malčanska river in the length of 150 meters. According to that agreement the works should start in the spring of next year. The realization of these works will enable exit from the highway at Malča interchange towards Spa of Niška Banja for everyone who comes from the direction of Belgrade, Dimitrovgrad or Eastern Serbia, without having to pass through the city. In this way Spa of Niška Banja becomes more accessible to tourists and passers-by who want to spend a holiday in the spa or to visit it. Niš City Mayor mentioned that it would be good to illuminate the interchanges at Malča and Matejevac in a reasonable time, as well as to carry out works on the rehabilitation of the regional road from the end of Knjaževačka Street to Malča.


ADŽDecember 2, 20203min10

The seventh session of the Niš Parliament was held. At the beginning of the session of the Assembly, the MPs paid their respects by minute of silence to the late Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Irinej. During two-day work of the Niš Parliament, which was chaired by the President Boban Džunić, 38 issues were on the agenda. By the decision of the MPs the expenditure in the budget was reduced by 165 million dinars compared to the original planned amount and now amounts to 11 198 million dinars. Due to the corona virus epidemic numerous projects were not realized, so that caused the budget volume to be reduced by 1.46%. The amount of transfers to city municipalities has increased by 35 million. The MPs also discussed the changes in the business program of the PE Directorate for Public Transport, the City Pharmacy Institution, the PE “Niš Stan”, the National Theater and Sports Center Čair as well as the changes in the Bylaw of Mara Institution. Changes and plans for general regulation of areas in Niš municipalities, average prices per square meter of real estate for determining the property tax next year, as well as the decision on how to regulate the debt of tenants of city business premises for April, May and June this year were discussed. The decision on expanding the activities of PUC Gorica ​​was also adopted, whose competence, in the following period, would be the maintenance of green areas in cemeteries. This work has so far been performed by PUC Mediana. MPs appointed a new acting director of Open University, as well as the members of school boards in several schools. The members of the supervisory boards of Mara Institution, Sports Center Čair and the Management Board of the Divljana Resort have also been appointed. The presidents and members of nine parliamentary commissions and boards were elected, and the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on Remuneration of MPs, Presidents and Members of Working Bodies was adopted, which stipulated that a MP with a disability can receive compensation in the amount of 20% of average net monthly salary per employee in the Republic of Serbia, according to the latest published data of the Republic Bureau of Statistics, for the purpose of unhindered performance of the function of MP.



ADŽDecember 1, 20202min11

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and his associates visited the works on the construction of the roundabout near the City Main Heating Plant, which were in the final phase, and on that occasion the Mayor said that that part of the city was the largest construction site in Niš. “The value of the works that are being performed is worth 80 million euros, and in this part of the city  will have a completely new look next spring, a business and trade center will be opened, new access roads will be built, the construction of a business and residential complex and a riverfront are planned”, the Mayor added. The Mayor announced the adaptation of the community center Božidar Adžija into a kindergarten with the help of a well-known foundation and the completion of a residential building with flats intended for young scientists nearby, for which the relevant ministry is also interested. She announced the development budget for next year and said that the city leadership was considering the construction of an aqua park in the Spa of Niška Banja, since the majority of the citizens stated in the survey that the aqua park was something that was missing in the city.  “An investment such as that fits into the city’s development plan until 2027, and we will start such a large investment if our financial possibilities allow it in the next year”, the Mayor noted. The value of the construction of the roundabout near the City Main Heating Plant is 34 million dinars. At the beginning of spring, a roundabout will be built at the intersection of the streets of Bulevar Nemanjica and Blagoja Parović and will be completed by the time that Business and Trade Center would be ready for opening which is expected in the second half of April next year.


ADŽDecember 1, 20201min11

The residents of Livadska Street in the settlement of “9.maj” will get a new water supply network and the works will start next week, as it was agreed with the residents of that street and Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, who visited them with Assistant Mayor Vladislava Ivković and the director of PUC Naissus Igor Vučić.  “People who live here are important and solving their problems is important,” said the Mayor after visiting Livadska Street, where the residents were often without water due to accidents on the old water supply network, but also with unrealistically increased bills. In this way the twenty-year-old problem will be solved. The works on the water supply network, in the length of 250 meters, will be performed by PUC Naissus. According to the plan the works would be completed within three weeks after the arrival of the mechanization and with favorable weather conditions with temperatures above zero, said the director Vučić.


ADŽNovember 30, 20201min25

At the RS Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski signed the Annex to the contract for the realization of the project “Developing and Revitalization of the Nis Fortress – Phase 1”. The project includes the revitalization and developing of the Niš Fortress in accordance with the city’s intention to develop and enrich the tourist offer in order to be as ready as possible to welcome the tourists after the suppression of the corona-virus-caused pandemic. In addition to the Niš Fortress the city is working on final stages of the improvement of the the archeological complex Mediana getting ready for re-opening.  The prestigious American Magazine Forbes recently listed Serbia among the five European destinations that should be visited with a recommendation to visit Niš, as a place rich in historical heritage.


ADŽNovember 30, 20201min19

The conclusion of the City of Niš Team for Emergency Situation Management is that, due to the pandemic and the difficulties in running their businesses, the hotel owners will pay for the collection and removal of waste according to the quantity and not according to the size of area on which their businesses are located as it has been so far. The Public Utility Company Mediana will collect and remove waste at the invitation of the hotel owners and will invoice the service according to above mentioned parameters. City of Niš wants to help the hotel owners in this way during the period of the pandemic and thus overcome financial difficulties due to reduced turnover and workload.


ADŽNovember 27, 20201min51

The famous American Magazine Forbes included Serbia on the list of five European destinations that should be visited immediately after the pandemic, citing Niš, as a historically important city. In a statement for the national TV Station RTS, on this occasion, Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski said that Niš would be ready to welcome tourists as early as the following spring. She invited everyone to come and feel our warmth, the way we celebrate live, our famous cuisine.  Niš Airport and new highways enable Niš to be reached quickly and safely from any part of the world. After 10 years the archeological site of Mediana will open its doors to visitors and tourists presenting the mosaics and the area where Emperor Constantine was born. It will also be a ticket to a real world tourist map. Monuments in Niš will be marked and they will be easily accessible. “Niš is a city where it is never boring, it exudes the beauty of nature and Niska Banja Spa and Sićevo Gorge are places that should definitely be visited. In any case they will bring back beautiful memories from here, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski.


ADŽNovember 27, 20202min25

The Award “11th January” is the highest recognition of the City of Niš which is awarded for exceptional achievements that affirm the city in economic, social and other areas. The first session of the Commission for City of Niš Awards, chaired by the President of the Assembly of the City of Niš Boban Džunić, was held on November 26, 2020.  The plan of activities of the Commission and the text of the public call for submission of proposals for the award of the highest public recognition was adopted. The session was attended by the President of the Commission Boban Džunić, City of Niš Assembly President,  Prof Vlastimir Nikolić, Vice Rector of the Niš University, Branislav Cincarević, Archpriest Stavrophor – the representative of Niš Eparchy, Colonel Sladjan Hristov, Officer of the Serbian Army Command, Dušica Davidović, City of Niš Deputy (Deputy Member). After the session of the Commission the President of the City Assembly and the President of the Commission, Boban Džunić, addressed the journalists. On this occasion, he pointed out that the public invitation will be published on the website of the City of Niš and through the media. The award consists of a diploma, a statuette in honor of “The Liberators of the City of Niš” and a monetary amount and can be awarded to an individual or legal entity from Niš, individually or jointly, regardless of the period and area of ​​achievement. Nomination for the award can be submitted by any citizen or legal entity in writing, with an explanation of the achievements proposed for the award. Proposals can be submitted from December 1 to 15, 2020, to Assembly of the City of Nis by regular mail or email (komisije.sg@gu.ni.rs).


ADŽNovember 26, 20201min47


After the agreement with the RS Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs and finding the legal possibility the member of Niš City Parliament Jasmina Barać Perović will be provided with an assistant for the needs of her engagement in the work of Niš City Parliament. If the members of Niš City Parliament vote on the change of the Decision on Remuneration of MPs, Presidents and Members of Working Bodies at the upcoming session scheduled for November 30, 2020, it will provide for MP Jasmina Barać Perović a monthly allowance to pay an assistant.  The reconstruction of the sanitary block in the building of City of Niš Administration is in progress in order to adjust it to the living conditions for people with disabilities. The works are being carried out with the help of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs. The City of Niš has successfully implemented the project of adapting streets and crossings in the city center for people with disabilities, which recently earned the recognition of the Protector of Citizens.