ADŽDecember 1, 20202min55

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and his associates visited the works on the construction of the roundabout near the City Main Heating Plant, which were in the final phase, and on that occasion the Mayor said that that part of the city was the largest construction site in Niš. “The value of the works that are being performed is worth 80 million euros, and in this part of the city  will have a completely new look next spring, a business and trade center will be opened, new access roads will be built, the construction of a business and residential complex and a riverfront are planned”, the Mayor added. The Mayor announced the adaptation of the community center Božidar Adžija into a kindergarten with the help of a well-known foundation and the completion of a residential building with flats intended for young scientists nearby, for which the relevant ministry is also interested. She announced the development budget for next year and said that the city leadership was considering the construction of an aqua park in the Spa of Niška Banja, since the majority of the citizens stated in the survey that the aqua park was something that was missing in the city.  “An investment such as that fits into the city’s development plan until 2027, and we will start such a large investment if our financial possibilities allow it in the next year”, the Mayor noted. The value of the construction of the roundabout near the City Main Heating Plant is 34 million dinars. At the beginning of spring, a roundabout will be built at the intersection of the streets of Bulevar Nemanjica and Blagoja Parović and will be completed by the time that Business and Trade Center would be ready for opening which is expected in the second half of April next year.