ADŽNovember 11, 20202min59

By laying of wreaths at the Old Military and the Commonwealth Cemetery, as well as the commemoration of the fallen warriors the Armistice Day in the First World War in Niš was marked. Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, with Deputy Mayor Dušica Davidović and the President of the City Assembly Boban Džunić paid their respects on the behalf of the City of Niš. Wreaths were laid by delegations from the Serbian Army, the Nišava Administrative District, the Police Administration, the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center, the City Municipalities of Palilula and Mediana, the associations that nurture the traditions of liberation wars. “We remember all the victims with sadness because Serbia gave a third of its population in the First World War.”Freedom is something that we celebrate, that we cherish, that we rejoice in,” said Dragana Sotirovski after laying wreaths. Mayor Sotirovski noticed that there were many children in the memorial park and she added that it was a good thing because they learned about tradition in places like this, and when you have a tradition, you also have a state.” The emblem of this holiday is Ramonda Nathaliae, with the motif of the ribbon of the Albanian Commemorative Medal above the flower. Ramonda Nathaliae has multiple symbolisms, because even when it is dried completely, once it is watered, it can come to life again. The old military cemetery on Delijski Vis was founded at the beginning of the First World War as a place for burying the dead from wounds and typhus in the Military Hospital in Nis. Earlier, the place was used for the burial of those killed in the Balkan wars. The British cemetery was built in 1915, where soldiers who were treated in the Military Hospital were buried, as well as nurses who served in the Serbian army.