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December 12

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the Ambassador of Tunisia in Serbia Mr. Seyf Allah Rejeb. The meeting was dedicated to establishing cooperation between the City of Nis and the City of Biserta, Republic of Tunisia. This initiative is an expression of the sincere friendship of the two nations made a century ago by the events of World War I, an expression of solidarity, respect, understanding and compassion between Tunisia and Serbia. It is the embodiment of a “culture of memory” related to the stay of the Serbian army of three and a half years in Bizerta and North Africa, the deep connection of the Serbian people to the people of Tunisia, who cared for, treated and nurtured the Serb soldiers who suffered greatly during the withdrawal through Albania and thus, the alliance and friendship of our ancestors began in the most direct way possible. Bizerte is the home of one of the largest Serbian military cemeteries in North Africa, eternal home to 698 Serbian soldiers, many of whom belonged to the First Regiment of the Nis Reserve Troops. Establishing direct partnership and cooperation between the cities of Bizerte and Nis is in the mutual interest of our communities, in order to create favorable conditions for enhancing cooperation in various contents. The international activity has proved to be a development tool for the City of Nis. Also, it is an opportunity for learning more about how to make a city more attractive for living, working and creating. The City of Nis is recognized in international circles as a proactive city open for cooperation and international relations. The City of Nis has always been the meeting point of many people, different ideas, cultures and traditions which provided the City with abundant historical and cultural legacy. Tunisia is a land of tolerance, hospitality and dialogue between cultures, civilizations and religions, which has passed through millennia of history, during which great celebrated civilizations intertwined, leaving a legacy of invaluable value. Based on numerous historical links, we can build not only closer cooperation but also strategic partnership relations.