The representatives of the EU Delegation to Serbia presented the Report by the European Commission on the progress of Serbia. On behalf of the City of Nis the Deputy Mayor Miloš Bandjur welcomed the guest speakers and the gathers audience expressing great satisfaction that the representatives of the European Union delegation were on Nis on the occasion of presenting the Annual Progress Report of the European Commission on Serbia’s progress in the negotiation process to the citizens of Nis and the whole. “I am happy that the European Union Delegation believes that this important document should be brought closer to local self-governments, which are an important factor in the overall progress of the state. Today, Nis and southeast Serbia have the opportunity to get acquainted with the processes of Serbia’s euro integration and to get answers to important issues, in which areas progress has been made, what the recommendations for further acting in the process of implementing the reforms and the accession process were.  The Deputy Mayor added that the presentation of this report is especially important since local governments and local communities were the place where the needs and interests of citizens directly met the process of Euro integration. “Often, the impression is that local governments are least involved in this process and that citizens do not feel that changes are really happening. Quality and availability of information about the European integration process are key factors for local governments to recognize what is necessary to support overall state policies on the road to EU” as Deputy Mayor concluded.

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