June 19th

Gallery Serbia will be temporarily moved to the Officers’ Mess Building until the City of Nis finds the best solutions for this institution of culture, said Mayor Darko Bulatovic during the visit to the renovation of one of the hall at Officers’ Mess Buildings. The Depot, for now, remains where it is, in the building at King Milan Square, the Mayor added. This was a necessary solution because the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts remained without the exhibition space Gallery Serbia because the building on King Milan Square was returned to the heirs of the former owners. “This is an optimal solution, the building is air-conditioned, representative and can be adequate for the exhibitions planned by the Gallery. In the following period, we will make the final decision whether the City will buy a new, adequate space for the Gallery and the depot, or it will be a completely new building. We are considering and looking for the best solution, “said the Mayor. The first exhibition in the new space is expected on June 27th. It is the exhibition of painter and professor from Belgrade, Sinisa Zikic.

The Officers’ Mess Building was renovated in April last year, and it was opened officially by an exhibition of prints by famous French artist Anthony Matisse. This building is famous for Nis Declaration of 2014. The building is under the protection of the state as a historical monument, the City of Nis and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia allocated just over 100 million dinars for its renovation.

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