December 30th

Dear fellow citizens,

We are together on the same task. We create a better future. The opportunities for our city that will be created in the year ahead depend on our efforts and dedication. I am positive that Nis is moving forward. We will continue to improve o0ur community with all available capacities because our priority is better quality of life for all citizens of Nis. The regulation of our city in the communal and urban sector is a constant challenge for us and we are ready to enrich our city’s offer with new projects. We are working, but we will work even more intensively to revive the economy and create the conditions for new investments. At the same time, we take into account the fact that we are working according to the city budget, to which we contribute together, not forgetting those who need help most, since Nis and Nis citizens have always shown solidarity. All my life I have always been an optimist, so I look in the same way at the years ahead. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but I firmly believe in our mutual success. The city is managed by the preservation of its traditions and cultural heritage, knowledge, nobility, sports success, community, but also the love and courage to change. The future that is before us will show the strength and beauty of this city in the smile of our children, in the success of the young, in new jobs, in the tranquility of parents and the elders, in the care of every man and member of our community. Let us be unique. Let the wish for peace and better tomorrow unite us. May the New Year bring peace, health and joy to all of you and may your New Year’s and Christmas holidays be filled with joy, warmth and hope for a better tomorrow, I wish to you all a successful and happy New Year 2017.

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