Mayor Zoran Perisic, MD, PhD

Zoran Perišić was born in 1959. He finished primary school and lyceum in Niš.

He graduated from the Medical Faculty in Niš in 1982.

In 1989.he specialized in internal medicine at the Military Medical Academy. In 1990 he started working at the Clinical Center, Clinic for Cardiology. He defended Endocrinology Master Thesis in 1992 and in 1998 he defended PhD Thesis in Cardiology. He completed sub-specialization in Cardiology in 2011. Perišić started working at the Medical Faculty in Niš in 2000 and he was appointed as associate professor in July 2012.


As a Head of Department for Invasive Diagnostics and Pacemakers and Head of Department for Pacemakers and Electro-physiology, he developed these cardiology disciplines and made them available to the citizens of the whole region. He introduced numerous procedures from the area of intervention cardiology and pacemaker therapy as standard ones, while some of them were done by him for the first time in the Balkans.

He is author of two monographs, co-author of numerous text-books, author and co-author of 350 expert works. He is a consulting editor in two expert journals.

Since August 2011 he has been President of Serbian Progressive Party Niš City Board, and member of Executive and Main Board of Serbian Progressive Party.

He is married and has two children.