Pre-school Institution "Pčelica"



The Institution "Pčelica" is a basic pedagogic and educative Institution, and a part of the Republic of Serbia pedagogic and educative system. The activities are performed in appropriately equipped buildings and rooms, and the aims and tasks are realized by nurses, pedagogues and expert associates.


The program which upgrades children's development, increases their ability for school, and of course for life, in the Institution "Pcelica" has been implemented under direction of expert and qualified pedagogues and professional associates. The basic aim of upbringing is to contribute to the right moral, intellectual, physical and esthetic accomplishment through the healthy children's growing up.


Pre-school Institution "Pčelica"
Orlovića Pavla bb, 18000 Niš, Serbia
Phone: +381-18/523-453
Fax: +381-18/523-461