September 13


The representatives of the City of Nis attended the international meeting in Sliven, Bulgaria, within the project “United Europe – Security, Solidarity and Stability”, supported through program “Europe for Citizens”. The project was implemented through the partnership of Sliven, Nis and Bydgoszcz from Poland. After presenting the cities of Sliven (Bulgaria), Bydgoszcz (Poland) and Nis (Serbia), the Mayor of Sliven Stefan Radev, Assistant Mayor of Nis Marina Kostic and Assistant Mayor of Bydgoszcz Joanna Zataj Ross signed the letter of intent outlining the goals of future cooperation between these cities. The event was attended by the first advisor at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Sofia Ms. Gordana Bozic, a member of the Nis City Council Slavoljub Savic, the director of PUC Medijana Dragoslav Pavlovic, who presented Nis potentials prepared by the Nis City Office for Local Economic Development and Projects, the president of Sliven City Municipality Dimitar Mitev, deputy provincial governor of Sliven district Kamen Kostov and the representatives of administration, educational and cultural institutions, universities, chamber of commerce, local and regional development agencies, cultural centers, non-profit organizations and the media of these three cities.

During the visit three forums were implemented in the fields of culture, youth and economy. On the second day, at a cultural forum, the participants presented the cultural, historical and tourist heritage of their cities. The Secretary of the Secretariat for Culture and Information of the City of Nis Aleksandra Radosavljevic presented international events that are of great importance for the City of Nis with short films about those city events. Tamara Ciric, from the Secretariat for Culture and Information, presented the cultural and historical heritage of our city with the support of all present representatives of Nis cultural institutions. The conclusion of the cultural forum is that there are good grounds for successful partnership and cultural cooperation between the three participating cities. The presentation of the members of the Nis Youth Council discussed strategic documents on the basis of which youth policies are implemented in Nis, with the aim of improving the position of young people in the city and preventing young people leaving Niš, such as scholarships for the best students and athletes, etc. This topic was interesting for all three cities because they all face the same problem of young people leaving to live and work abroad. Nis Economic Delegation was led by the Speaker of the Parliament of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis Mr. Andrija Radojicic and the Director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis, Aleksandar Milicevic. Current economic trends tourism and traffic potentials of the Nisava, Pirot and Toplica administrative districts are presented. Within the business meetings, which were also organized within the business forum, the economic and investment potentials of Nis and the region were presented, as well as the planned investments that are underway. A delegation of businessmen held meetings with businessmen from Sliven, Sofia, Yambol and Bydgoszcz, and visited the most prominent companies operating successfully in Sliven.



September 10

The delegation of the City of Nis participated in the Second International Forum of Old Towns in the Russian city of Ryazan, which was held under the auspices of the Committee of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Ryazan region. The requirement for participation in this Forum was that the city was over 500 years old. The main topics of the Forum were architecture, history, cultural heritage, theater, photography and gastronomic tourism, and the first session of the Association of Old Towns was held during this event. Representatives of the City of Nis participated in the work of the Forum on three topics – possibilities and directions of cooperation of ancient cities, Nis cultural heritage during its two thousand years of existence and implementation of measures for the improvement of squares, river banks, streets, pedestrian zones, parks and other public areas. The organizers pointed out that the holding of this Forum should serve to strengthen and develop cultural links between cities, regions and countries.



September 9

Nis City Council Member in charge of culture Jelena Mitrovski received participants of the Art Colony “Sićevo 2019” at City Hall today. Sićevo Art Colony is the oldest art colony in the Balkans. It was founded in 1905 by the idea and dedication of Serbian painter Nadezda Petrovic. Because of their extraordinary beauty, the landscapes of Siceva are an inspiration not only to painters but also to writers and all nature lovers. This year, the colony brought together 11 participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Bulgaria and Montenegro. The works will be presented by: Vukasin Stankovic and Vladica Ristic (Nis), Nikola Vukosavljevic, Aleksandar Cvetkovic and Milica Rakic ​​(Belgrade), Pavle Popovic (Kraljevo), Milena Tosic (Vranje), Mihaela Ivanova (Bulgaria), Boris Eremic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) , Biljana Kekovic (Montenegro) and Giuseppe Gonela (Germany). The 55th edition of the Art Colony Sićevo is organized by the Gallery of Contemporary Arts, supported by by the City of Niš.



September 9

The manifestation of Republika Srpska Days in Serbia for the seventh consecutive year began with a festive academy on the Grand Stage of the National Theater in Belgrade. The event, which will promote culture, economy, science and art in the 21 cities of our country by September 10, was opened by Milorad Dodik, the Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On this occasion he asked for support for the event to be called “Days of Republika Srpska and Serbia” in the future. The name, as Dodik has explained, refers to the unity that must be nurtured, adding that Republika Srpska has all the elements of statehood and meets all the criteria for being internationally verified as a state. In Niš, the Speaker of Nis City Assembly, Rade Rajković, met with the Speaker of the Republika Srpska National Assembly, Nedeljko Čubrilović, and his associates. They discussed the improvement of cooperation between the city and Republika Srpska, and it was pointed out that the cooperation so far was excellent due to personal commitment of the two presidents. The delegation led by National Assembly Speaker Nedeljko Cubrilovic visited some of the most important monuments of history in Nis: the archeological site of the Mediana, the  Skull Tower and the monument dedicated to duke Stevan Sindjelic. The well-received and applauded theater performance by National Theatre from Banja Luka was a successful end to both the visit of the Republika Srpska delegation “Days of Republika Srpska in Serbia” event.



September 3


2019 Sićevo Art Colony was opened for the 55th time. The colony was officially opened by Nis City Council Member Jelena Mitrovski, who emphasized that this art event was of great importance for Niš and that it has been gathering significant artists from Serbia and the world over the years. The founder of the colony is the famous Serbian painter Nadezda Petrovic, who in 1905 brought together colleagues from studios in Munich: Jakopič, Grohar, Vesel, Vučetić and Meštrović. Thus, she and her colleagues from Croatia and Slovenia formed the First Yugoslav Art Colony. Niš artists renewed the idea of ​​a colony in 1964, and ever since it has been held continuously in Sićevo. This year the colony will bring together 11 participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Bulgaria and Montenegro. The works will be presented by: Vukasin Stankovic and Vladica Ristic (Nis), Nikola Vukosavljevic, Aleksandar Cvetkovic and Milica Rakic ​​(Belgrade), Pavle Popovic (Kraljevo), Milena Tosic (Vranje), Mihaela Ivanova (Bulgaria), Boris Eremic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) , Biljana Kekovic (Montenegro), Giuseppe Gonela (Germany).


June 17

The Sixth International Festival of Choir Spiritual Music “Edict of Music” began at Saint Sava’s Hall. The festival was opened by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović, who welcomed the guests, and the audience was addressed by the Bishop of Nis Arsenije.  “Looking back we can see that the need of a man to address the God in hymns is as old as his need for the prayer. By harmonious ordering of words and melodic chanting and music, mankind sought its path to the Lord from the moment in which the man felt the need to pray”, said Bishop of Nis Arsenije. “Here we are for the sixth time, I would say with the higher artistic and every other level, at the Edict of Music Festival, the pride of our city. Thank you all for everything you do and contribute to the cultural life of our city”, said Mayor Bulatovic. At the Sixth International Festival of Choral Spiritual Music “Edict of Music” 19 choirs from 11 countries from three continents are participating, and this time guests came from North and South America. These days about 500 singers from all over the world will sing in Nis.


June 7

The 50th anniversary of the Serbian-Norwegian Association was marked in Nis. The ceremony was attended by Ms. Marina Kostic, the Assistant Mayor, who welcomed the guests on the behalf of Nis City. The president of this association Zoran Petrovic spoke about the great friendship of two nations. The aim of the Serbian – Norwegian Association is to spread friendship between the two nations that dates back to World War II, when thousands of Serbs were in Nazi concentration camps in Norway, where they encountered enormous friendship and support from the Norwegian people. The association also engages in the presentation of Serbian culture, tradition and history in Norway, organizing contacts between Serbian and Norwegian families and mutual acceptance, organizing study visits of pupils and students in both directions, organizing business contacts between Serbian and Norwegian businessmen and contacts of Norwegian municipalities with municipalities in Serbia.


March 12th

The first theater festival entitled “Theater at the Crossroads” began last night at the National Theater in Nis. “Theater at the Crossroads” is a competitive festival of drama and the theater of the Balkan cultural space organized by the Nis National Theater. By March 19th, eight contestants and one guest performance from Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia will be shown. In addition to eight competition performances from the country and the region and performances in honor of the winners, whose premiere performances were played during the preceding calendar year a number of accompanying programmes would be organized: a round table of critics, a panel “Theater at the Crossroads”, as well as the promotion of books and theater journals. The festival will include prizes for: best performance, directing, four acting awards, costume design and stage design, for original stage music, for stage movement, and special festival award. Until March 19th Nis will be, in the true sense of the word, the theater capital of culture that will gather actors, directors, journalists, critics from the Balkans. “As the only theater festival that, in one place, wants to gather the theater art of the Balkan cultural space the festival aims to affirm the similarities and differences of the cultural identity of the states and peoples sharing the same space strengthening international cultural exchange, the promotion of theater arts and creators, the exchange of ideas and theatrical practices, and it is dedicated to the challenges and perspectives of contemporary theater“ as Spasoje Z. Milovanovic, the director of Nis National Theatre, said. “All this would not be possible if it were not for the citizens of Nis who had this need for such important cultural content and such a significant festival”, said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, who added that “this festival was significant for the wider Balkan cultural space. It is so important for us as well, for the people of Nis, who have the opportunity to show their creative and artistic work and achievements, and to show our hospitality. I would like to warmly welcome all the people, guests, actors, directors who came to our city.”



February 21st


The City of Nis and Nis National Theater will be the hosts and organizers of the First Festival of Drama and Theater of the Balkan Cultural Space “Theater at the Crossroads” from 12 to 19 March, at which 8 performances by theatre groups from the region would compete. The idea of the festival is to affirm the similarities and differences of the countries and peoples in the region of the Balkan. The festival will be opened on March 11th on the day of the Nis National Theater with the premiere performance of the Traveling Theater Sopalovic. “Theater at the Crossroads”, will gather performances from the region from Maribor, from Cetinje, Varazdin to Pleven. The program council is chaired by the director Nebojsa Bradic and the jury of the festival is led by actress Mia Begovic, bringing together eminent theater producers from the Balkans.  The newly established festival will offer to the audience, through eight competitive performances, and debates and promotions, the similarities and differences of the cultural identity of the countries from this region. The new festival offers the opportunity to offer different platforms for dialogue with theater producers in the name of the Balkan theater and the possibilities of cooperation – from the exchange of programs and artists to co-productions.



January 12th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the management of the Naisus Youth Philharmonic and the soloists performing at this year’s traditional New Year’s concert. Mayor Bulatovic pointed out that it was a real pleasure to see that even at this time, when the so-called “popular music” was absolutely dominant, the classical music still had its audience, and the traditional New Year’s concert has been proving it for years. That is precisely why this event is included in the line of public city events that are supported by the City of Nis, because the city without culture is like a body without soul,” said Bulatovic. The director, founder and conductor of the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Naisus Zoran Andric said that the citizens of Nis would be able to enjoy an unforgettable and unique event. “Twelve soloists, six sopranos and six tenors in one place, at one concert, are something that has never been seen anywhere in the world. That is exactly why we decided to hold a concert with 12 soloists on January 12th, before the Orthodox New Year, and to introduce a unique program that will be remembered for a long time, “said Andric. The guest coming from Italy, Argentina, Austria, Armenia, during the meeting with the Mayor, spoke about their impressions about the city and their expectations for Saturday’s concert. Marco Frusoni, one of the most respected Italian tenors, who has performed several times at the New Year’s concert in Nis, thanked the hosts for the warm welcome on the behalf of the performers.