ADŽOctober 5, 20204min45

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski stated, speaking in the morning program of TV “Zona, that intensive work is being done on creating conditions for the arrival of new investors, on reducing the number of the unemployed, development planning and further construction of Niš. She added that, at the last session of the City Assembly, the decision was made to transfer about three hectares of city land to the Republic of Serbia for the construction of a plant of a Chinese company for the production of LED lights in the automotive industry, which would employ 1,000 workers in the first phase. According to Mayor Sotirovski the Chinese company has already paid 44 million dinars for the land development, and the city will have income from the salaries of the workers who will work there. Together with the state the city will build a large residential complex “Adria”.  Two kindergartens are already being built, and new ones are planned, at those points in the city where there is a great need for that.

Referring to the work of the City Assembly and the last session Mayor Sotirovski said that there were many issues and topics, even the unresolved ones, and that the opposition was there to criticize, but that she and her associates were still in a period when you have to answer for what someone  else failed to do earlier.  You practically do not have that break during the first 90 days of the mandate. One of those unresolved issues is the tidying up the Old Cemetery Complex, a problem that has not been solved in the last 25 years, she noted.

Mayor Sotirovski also spoke about the possibilities of saving funds that were spent from the city budget. The city pays 70 to 75 million dinars a year for stray dog bites and falls on the ice, and that is why the city, together with the Municipality of Svrljig, renewed the initiative for the construction of a shelter for dogs. There is also the foundation from abroad that is interested in supporting this project which could be joined by the municipalities of Knjaževac and Soko Banja since they share the same problems.

Someone had to wonder why the Clinical Center Nis charges 13,000 euros every month for the lease of the chapel in their complex, when the chapel was built by the city earlier and is located on state land. Let’s check the documents during the whole process from the construction until today, as Mayor said. According to the planning documents all cemeteries will be “under the roof” of PUC Gorica which will be a significant income for that public company which awaits serious restructuring and returning to the auspices of PUC Mediana.

Mayor Sotirovski announced a budget rebalance  because the pandemic disrupted earlier plans. During her interview Mayor Sotirovski was available for direct questions coming from the viewers.