ADŽOctober 14, 20201min78

The amendments to the Decision on the establishment of Niš Open University, as well as decisions on business and financial reports of Niš Open University, the Regional Center for Professional Development of Employees in Educational System, the Center for Social Work “St. Sava” Niš, the Center for Daily Stay of Children, Youth and Adults with Mental Disabilities “Mara” for 2019. Also, the decisions on giving consent to change of the annual work program of the Nis Puppet Theater, Public Utility Company Gorica Niš and Public Utility Company Medijana Niš for 2020 were adopted, as well as the decisions on giving consent to the decisions of the supervisory boards of public companies founded by the City. The councilors, in an urgent procedure, also adopted the Decision on changes to the decision on rights in the field of social protection on the territory of the City of Niš, as well as the Decision on the appointment of the City Public Attorney.