ADŽOctober 10, 20202min31

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski  with her associates have visited the works on the cleaning up and landscaping of the Old Cemetery, which  is being thoroughly cleaned and tidied  for the first time after half a century. “All relevant factors are gathered around this important project for the City of Niš and we will persevere”, said the Mayor, announcing the transformation of the Old Cemetery into a memorial complex which, based on the program of regular cemetery maintenance, will be a constant concern PUC Medijana. “Anyone who does not respect history cannot hope for a better future,” Mayor mentioned and added that after a thorough cleaning, fixing of the fence, paving of the paths and installing lighting into Old Cometary complex would be next on to-do list.  She mentioned that for the project of turning the Old Cemetery into a memorial complex, the city will try to provide additional and necessary financing from the appropriate funds through Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. All tombstones will be listed and entered in the records for easy retrieval, and with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, it will be seen which monuments are under the protection of the law. During her visit of the works the Mayor was joined by the president of City Municipality Palilula Bratislav Vučković, Niš City Assistant Mayor Vladislava Ivkovic, Niš City Council Member Miroslav Djokic, the representatives of the Diocese of Niš, the Women Association –   Circle of Serbian Sisters, Office of Local Economic Development and Projects, PUC Medijana, PUC Gorica, as well as by the representatives of the Association for the Protection of the Old Cemetery. There are more than 3,500 tombstones in the Old Cemetery, which covers 17 hectares, and more than 200 are of exceptional historical and artistic value.