ADŽSeptember 28, 20202min57

The handover of duties in the Nišava Administrative District took place between the former Head of Nišava AdminIstrative District  and now Niš City Mayor Mrs. Dragana Sotirovski and the newly appointed Mr. Petar Babovic. On this occasion Dragana Sotirovski introduced Babović to the work of Nišava Administrative District in the previous three years and handed him over all the cases that arrived in the period from her election as Niš City Mayor to the appointment of Babović as the new Head of Nišava Adminstrative District. Dragana Sotirovski introduced the employees in the Nišava Administrative District to Babović and stated that during her term of office she initiated Open Days with her associates, as well as a kind of caravan – a tour of local self-governments in the district,organized twice a year, with the aim to learn about specific problems of citizens and municipalities and discuss the possibilities of resolving them.  Babović said that he would continue with the high-quality practice of the Nišava Administrative District established in the previous three years, and that his doors would always be open to citizens and the heads of inspection services. He announced that he would immediately go on a tour of the district in order to discuss current issues and problems of those areas with the leaders of local self-governments. On the occasion of handover it was said that new inspectors would be hired in order to increase the capacity and efficiency of inspection services.