ADŽNovember 3, 20202min38

“Niš lacks one operational center for responding in emergency situations, and we expect advisory assistance from the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center in that area”, said Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, in a conversation with the co-director of that center Mr. Andrey Manchenkov. Those departments are now scattered, and we want a team that will consist of the best students of the Faculty of Occupational Safety who work in that area, the Mayor said, adding that it would be a team similar to the one in St. Petersburg that the Nis delegation met during visit to that city. She conveyed the city’s wish for a delegation from St. Petersburg, as well as a group of journalists from Russia, to visit Niš in order to get acquainted with the potentials of this part of Serbia. Mamchenkov pointed out that the goals and tasks of the Serbian-Russian Center were exclusively of a humanitarian character. He conveyed to the Mayor the readiness of the center to provide the city with all the help in forming a city operational team that would have at its disposal the capacities of the center and the possibility of training in the center. Speaking about the activities of the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center Mamchenkov emphasized the importance of anticipating potential dangers and timely preparation for acting in emergency situations.