ADŽSeptember 28, 20202min2

The handover of duties in the Nišava Administrative District took place between the former Head of Nišava AdminIstrative District  and now Niš City Mayor Mrs. Dragana Sotirovski and the newly appointed Mr. Petar Babovic. On this occasion Dragana Sotirovski introduced Babović to the work of Nišava Administrative District in the previous three years and handed him over all the cases that arrived in the period from her election as Niš City Mayor to the appointment of Babović as the new Head of Nišava Adminstrative District. Dragana Sotirovski introduced the employees in the Nišava Administrative District to Babović and stated that during her term of office she initiated Open Days with her associates, as well as a kind of caravan – a tour of local self-governments in the district,organized twice a year, with the aim to learn about specific problems of citizens and municipalities and discuss the possibilities of resolving them.  Babović said that he would continue with the high-quality practice of the Nišava Administrative District established in the previous three years, and that his doors would always be open to citizens and the heads of inspection services. He announced that he would immediately go on a tour of the district in order to discuss current issues and problems of those areas with the leaders of local self-governments. On the occasion of handover it was said that new inspectors would be hired in order to increase the capacity and efficiency of inspection services.


ADŽSeptember 25, 20201min7

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski met with the representatives of the parents of children – the users of the services of social care institution Mara – a daily care of children, youth and adults with mental disabilities, as well as people with elements of autism. During the meeting, the misunderstandings about the manner of using the services of children’s stay and taking care of the homeless in winter were clarified. The manner of using the services is conditioned by the prescribed epidemiological measures, and the request of parents seeking care for children with disabilities for a period of 24 hours will be resolved. The 24-hour stay and the Respite Care Program require prior fulfillment of special conditions that will be worked on intensively, it was said in a conversation attended by Deputy Mayor Dušica Davidović. The dilemmas and worries of parents regarding the care for the homeless in the winter period, which will not endanger the basic activity of the Mara Institution, have been resolved.


ADŽSeptember 25, 20202min7

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski met with the representatives of tourist organizations from Serbia, participants in the event “Days of Tourism in Niš” and pointed out that tourism was a great chance for Niš and this part of Serbia. “Niš and its surroundings should use what nature has given and what man has left,” said the Mayor, pointing out, through examples, that natural, cultural and historical pleasure was abundant, insufficiently known in terms of its wider presentation and use.  In the discussion, which was also attended by the Niš City Council Member Adrijana Anastasov in charge of tourism, Mayor Sotirovski mentioned that the built traffic infrastructure and the one that would be built represented a chance for tourism in Niš as well as in the neighboring districts. The Mayor also mentioned the works on the opening of Corridor 10 towards Niška Banja and its development, as well as on the opening of the archeological site of Mediana for visitors. “Days of Tourism in Niš” organized by the Niš Tourist Organization is a new type of cooperation and networking, exchange of experiences and cooperation of tourist organizations, which is a good way to improve the offer and attract more domestic and foreign guests in the coming period.


ADŽSeptember 25, 20203min4

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski, together with her associates, welcomed His Excellency Jean-Louis Falconi, the Ambassador of France to Serbia, with whom she discussed improving cooperation between Niš and our region with regions in France and creating a favorable environment for greater presence of French companies and their investment in Niš and the region. The members of Niš City Council and the management of the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects, as well as the representatives of Niš Regional Chamber of Commerce, informed the Ambassador about the ongoing projects and tenders to which French companies could also apply, as the Niš City Mayor said at a press conference after the meeting. “We opened many topics, we discussed specific issues, first of all the interest of French companies in investments in Niš. We presented the advantages, not only of Niš but of this whole region compared to other regions in Serbia, especially in terms of traffic connections and future infrastructure projects planned by our state in this part of the country, “said the Mayor, expressing her satisfaction with the results of the meeting. The Mayor and the Ambassador agreed on the already achieved advantages in mutual relations which would be further improved: the French Cultural Center is working in Niš, there is a Department for the French language at the Faculty of Philosophy, and there is a bilingual department in the Gymnasium “Svetozar Markovic”, in Serbian and French language. Ambassador Falconi reminded of the great friendship of the two nations, about which the great French poet Lamartine also wrote, and pointed out that such a long history and friendship should be used to create a better future. He emphasized the importance of the visits of French President Emmanuel Macron to Serbia and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to France in further improving friendly relations between the two countries. Expressing readiness and great interest for further improvement of cooperation, Ambassador Falconi expressed readiness to present historical and cultural heritage of Niš and confirmed the interest of French companies to participate in tenders in sectors such as wastewater treatment, district heating, waste management or construction of traffic infrastructure. The Mayor and the Ambassador visited the French Cultural Center, where they got acquainted with the current activities of that center and talked about other ways and possibilities of motivating parents and children to decide to learn French.


ADŽSeptember 22, 20202min20

By closing the traffic along main city streets of General Milojko Lesjanin and Vozda Karadjordja, from 09.00 to 12.00 the traditional Day without Cars was marked.  The Member of Niš City Council Sonja Milojković, in charge of environmental protection, stated that the City of Niš, this year as well as the previous ones, has been participating in the celebration of the European Mobility Week, which is being held from September 16 to 22. The European Mobility Week is being marked under the slogan Mobility without Pollution for All in our city for the 17th time, as well as the World Car Free Day. “European Mobility Week is an annual campaign that promotes sustainable urban mobility and encourages local governments across Europe to introduce sustainable transport measures, develop infrastructure for sustainable urban mobility and offer their citizens alternatives to car use,” said councilor Milojković. The theme of this year’s event reflects the European Commission’s ambitious goal of making Europe a carbon-neutral continent by 2050 – that is, emitting as much carbon dioxide as nature can absorb, thus eliminating one of the main factors of climate change. A healthier environment, better air quality, lower noise levels, as well as greater traffic safety are the goals of the campaign that ended today with Car Free Day. This year, due to the special situation we are in, the European Mobility Week is held in specific circumstances, without organizing mass gatherings, characteristic for this event.


ADŽSeptember 18, 20201min24

Assistant Minister of Health for Inspection Affairs Goran Stamenkovic and Nis City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski agreed to intensify cooperation between the Nis Communal Police and the Republic Sanitary Inspection in implementing measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to prevent and combat infectious diseases COVID-19 in territory of the City of Nis. The Communal Police will continue the daily control of all facilities in the hospitality sector in order to minimize the risk of infection.”We are aware that an epidemiologically difficult autumn awaits us, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Crisis Management Team, we have adopted measures, postponing most of the events for next year and banning public gatherings. The health of our citizens is in the first place, “as the Mayor pointed out.


ADŽSeptember 18, 20202min29

One of the most important Serbian jazz musicians, pianist and composer Miloš Miša Krstić is the winner of this year’s Nisville Jazz Festival Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented in the City Hall by Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski. Mayor Sotirovski reminded of the last performance of Mišo Krstić in Nisville exactly 20 years ago and expressed satisfaction that she was the one who presented the award to Krstić that night. “After 20 years since that performance, you get this wonderful work of art that will remind you of Nisville and Niš, and new generations will talk about how Miša Krstić received the award during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic” said Sotirovski. “This year Niš is longing for real Nisville in the Fortress, but the Festival is getting ready for 2021 when two Nisville festivals will be merged in one” as Mayor Sotirovski emphasized.  Miloš Miša Krstić is one of the few jazz musicians who has never made any musical compromises and is the first musician from this area who completed master’s degree in jazz (1995) in the cradle of that music (University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville), where he worked as an assistant for combo ensembles and jazz history. “This award is significant on several grounds. First, it is awarded at a festival that is highly ranked on the list of music and jazz festivals in the world. It is especially important because it is awarded for original jazz, which is not presented to the public every day like a variety show. The most important thing is that it is awarded at the festival, which will be remembered as unique in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic “said Miloš Krstić after the award ceremony.


ADŽSeptember 16, 20202min28

In accordance with the recommendations of the Republic Crisis Management HQ for the Protection of Public Health from Infectious Diseases Covid-19 the main program of the Nisville Jazz Festival has been canceled, but the accompanying events will be held on the central city square in Nis from 17 to 20 September under strict epidemiological measures and with a limited number of visitors. “We are fully aware that a difficult autumn, in epidemiological sense, awaits us  and that we will postpone all manifestations, including Nisville for next year,” said Niš City Mayor. “We expect that next year, in 2021, Nisville Jazz Festival will be the best so far and that, as always, the jazz festival will be the best promoter of our city.” Festival director Ivan Blagojevic announced free of charge tours of Nisville Jazz Museum in the next four days, where all interested jazz fans can see a completely new setting. The traditional award of the festival for lifetime achievement will be presented to jazz pianist, composer and pedagogue Mišo Krstić. Simultaneously with the award ceremony the performance of jazz bands in the city center begins. The accompanying program continues, and in front of Nisville Museum and the film programme in parallel to it. A total of 20 chairs will be set up, with strict measures of physical distancing, while performers will, where technically possible, perform with masks on.


ADŽSeptember 16, 20202min35

Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski and the members of Niš City Council met with the representatives of the Niš Branch  of National Employment Service, Niš Chamber of Commerce, directors of public companies, as well as of larger companies operating in Niš on the occasion of launching the Government of Serbia Programme My First Salary which is implemented by RS Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, Ministry of Finance, the Office for IT and Electronic Administration and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the program is to encourage the employment of young people and provide support to the economy in solving the problem of staff shortages. Niš City Mayor called on public companies to apply by September 25, in order to, in addition to resolving staff shortages, help young people with secondary and higher education to gain their first work experience, apply acquired knowledge and develop new skills, as well as to improve their work habits. “A large number of young people have a desire to work in the public sector and here is an opportunity to give them the chance to gain work experience and thus motivate them to stay in the country. We must be aware that we have a serious task to shape young people to be responsible, hardworking and ready to respond to every task set by their employers, “as the Mayor told the directors of public companies. Priority for inclusion in the program is given to employers from the private sector, especially those from devastated areas. The program is planned to include 10,000 young people with secondary and higher education, up to 30 years of age, who have no work experience and are registered by National Employment Service.


ADŽSeptember 15, 20201min38

On the occasion of the great national holiday, the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag, which will be celebrated on September 15 from this year on, Niš City Mayor Dragana Sotirovski extended her congratulations. This national holiday is dedicated to the victory on the Thessaloniki Front (in World War I) and it will be celebrated together in the Republic of Srpska, Republic of Serbia and all Serbian communities around the world. Today, the state and national flags of the Republic of Serbia will be prominently displayed in all public places and buildings of public authorities. In Niš the national flags will be fluttering decorating the city center streets and the boulevards of Nikola Tesla, Nemanjić, Mediana, Somborski, and Emperor Constantine.