EMJanuary 20, 20202min35


Turkish business delegation made up of representatives of the IT Company DT Group (DT Technology Group) and led by MP of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Shahin Hussein, a personal envoy of President Erdogan, met with Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and his associates and the representatives of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Businessmen Club Naisus, the City of Nis Economic Council and the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. The guests from Turkey were presented the economic potentials and development plans of Nis as a place suitable for investors, which based its economic progress on favorable geographical position, developed transport infrastructure, airport, long industrial tradition, the University and a network of vocational high schools that guarantees skilled and educated labor. Mayor Bulatovic pointed out that in the past years, a strong link between the business community and local self-government was established in Nis and that all potential investors could count on the assistance and support from local self-government in the realization of their business plans, and on a sincere partnership, which has already resulted in decreasing the number of unemployed in Nis. The guests from Turkey expressed special interest in the Science and Technology Park, since DT Technology Company was working closely with a number of global IT companies and has expressed a desire for cooperation with partners from the IT sector of Nis, but also for the opening of a development center, which, as it was said, would become one of the first tenants of the new center of Nis science and technology. After this initial meeting, it was agreed that City of Nis Office for Local Economic Development and Projects and Science Technological Park would continue discussions with their Turkish counterparts, which would also result in joint business projects.


EMJanuary 15, 20201min37

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the General Consul of Bulgaria in Serbia Mr. Edwin Sugarev. This was the farewell visit by Mr. Sugarev. On this occasion the Mayor expressed his gratitude for successful and close cooperation during the four years of his term of office in Nis.During the meeting both sides emphasized the importance of very good bilateral relations between Serbia and Bulgaria, further improvement of economic and cultural cooperation, as well as resolving minority issues.


DMDecember 23, 20191min153

The representatives of the Russian State Pedagogical University Herzen from St. Petersburg and the University of Nis met at the Nis City Hall in order to keep the Russian language in primary and secondary schools in Nis, but also in order to facilitate holding lectures in the Russian language. The two universities will jointly implement the project, which will be funded by the Russian side. The idea for this project came from the state level, and Nis was selected to be the representative of the Serbian side, said Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur. He said the Russian side was ready to fund the project as a whole. The Deputy Mayor said that the content and the manner of implementation would be defined in the coming period. He pointed out that the need for learning Russian language was increasing. In continuation of the visit to Nis, the delegation laid flowers on the monument to the Russian pilots killed in World War II, and then visited the Museum of Former Concentration Camp Crveni Krst and the Skull Tower memorial complex.


EMDecember 18, 20191min78

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic together with the economic development manager of the Help organization Ms. Masha Bubanj presented contracts to the beneficiaries receiving grants in equipment within the framework of the project “Supporting Socio-Economic Stability in the Western Balkans 2019-2020” funded through German Development Cooperation. The value of the equipment with which the beneficiaries will be supported under this project is € 72,000.00, with the participation of the City of Nis with 40%. The grants are intended for 30 new micro and small businesses with an average value of 2,400 euros, which involves the employment of 39 people. The program involves regular business and professional training to increase the sustainability of business activities.


EMDecember 13, 20193min117

December 12

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the Ambassador of Tunisia in Serbia Mr. Seyf Allah Rejeb. The meeting was dedicated to establishing cooperation between the City of Nis and the City of Biserta, Republic of Tunisia. This initiative is an expression of the sincere friendship of the two nations made a century ago by the events of World War I, an expression of solidarity, respect, understanding and compassion between Tunisia and Serbia. It is the embodiment of a “culture of memory” related to the stay of the Serbian army of three and a half years in Bizerta and North Africa, the deep connection of the Serbian people to the people of Tunisia, who cared for, treated and nurtured the Serb soldiers who suffered greatly during the withdrawal through Albania and thus, the alliance and friendship of our ancestors began in the most direct way possible. Bizerte is the home of one of the largest Serbian military cemeteries in North Africa, eternal home to 698 Serbian soldiers, many of whom belonged to the First Regiment of the Nis Reserve Troops. Establishing direct partnership and cooperation between the cities of Bizerte and Nis is in the mutual interest of our communities, in order to create favorable conditions for enhancing cooperation in various contents. The international activity has proved to be a development tool for the City of Nis. Also, it is an opportunity for learning more about how to make a city more attractive for living, working and creating. The City of Nis is recognized in international circles as a proactive city open for cooperation and international relations. The City of Nis has always been the meeting point of many people, different ideas, cultures and traditions which provided the City with abundant historical and cultural legacy. Tunisia is a land of tolerance, hospitality and dialogue between cultures, civilizations and religions, which has passed through millennia of history, during which great celebrated civilizations intertwined, leaving a legacy of invaluable value. Based on numerous historical links, we can build not only closer cooperation but also strategic partnership relations.


EMDecember 10, 20191min84

Upon the invitation of the City of Nis the co-chairman of Russia’s inter-parliamentary commission for co-operation with Serbia, Russian parliamentarian Pavel Dorokhin visited Nis and participated at  Nis Book Fair.

Mr. Dorokhin was welcomed at Nis City Hall by Nis City Assembly Speaker  Rade Rajkovic, Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandur and Nisava District Chief Dragana Sotirovski.

Russian Duma deputy Pavel Dorokhin will present his books that are translated into Serbian at the Book Fair in Nis. During the day, Dorokhin, accompanied by a city officials and ther representatives of the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center, paid respects by laying flower wreaths at the monument dedicated to the killed Russian soldiers in World War II.



DMDecember 6, 20193min103



For the second time the Festival of Drama and Theater in the Balkan cultural area “Theater at the Crossroads” will be held in Nis, March 11-19, 2020. In addition to eight productions in competition selection from Serbia and the region an entire series of accompanying programs will be organized: the round table of critique, the panel discussion, as well as promotions of books and theatre journals. This year Festival is organized under the patronage of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. As the only theatre festival with an idea to gather theatre art of the Balkan cultural space in one place, the Theatre at the Crossroads aims at affirming similarities and differences of the cultural identity of countries and peoples sharing the same space, of the country of Serbia and Niš as the crossroads of European and world routes, and strengthening international cultural exchange, promoting theatre art and theatre creators, exchanging ideas and theatre practices and it is committed to challenges and perspectives of the contemporary theatre. “Apart from the fact that all the offered performances represent exceptional artistic achievements, it should be emphasized that several productions from this selection are a good example of permeating differences that belong to the Balkan crossroads and, in particular, opening up the possibility of reconsidering the relation of the theaters from these areas to the drama classics and questioning the meaning of the term.” freedom, “said the director of the Nis National Theater and Spasoje Z. Milovanovic. The support to the festival this year was given by the City of Nis and Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović.  “Life does not make sense without culture, and together we should work not only to preserve culture and art, but also to promote it. Nis once again shows that it has this capacity. When it comes to art and creativity the progress is evident. The support of the city is bigger from year to year when the organization of the Festival is in question, so we increased the amount of funds for all festivals in Nis for the next year”, said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović. The Mayor said that the city was also taking care of the necessary infrastructure for the functioning of the cultural institutions and that it has allocated funds from the city budget for these purposes. Also the city plans to to build a new multifunctional cultural facility with the capacity of up to 2,000 seats.


DMDecember 4, 20192min105

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic with his associates met with French Ambassador Jean-Louis Falconi at Nis City Hall to discuss the potential cooperation projects. The mayor said that the French Development Agency would support the city in developing a feasibility study, not only for light rail transport, i.e., for the introduction of trams into public city transport, but also for the development of a land use after the railroad track displacement. “These are the activities that await us over the next three years. We have started the preparatory activities related to the study itself, which should meet all the challenges of modern times.” said Mayor Bulatovic.  The Union for the Mediterranean, the European Union, the French Development Agency and the European Investment Bank have joined forces to build a successful transition towards sustainable cities. The Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI) supports public project promoters helping them to prepare and finance ambitious and innovative urban development projects, which aim to create jobs, reduce poverty and upgrade the urban fabric. The UPFI is an innovative tool coordinating the actions of financial institutions by pooling complementary technical and financial tools in order to achieve a common objective: to set a benchmark for sustainable cities.  French Ambassador Jean Louis Falconi said that the topics discussed were archaeological sites in Niš, Waste Water Treatment Plant, the opening of a Science and Technology Park, the cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises of the two countries.


DMDecember 4, 20193min128


December 3


Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with new US Ambassador to Serbia Anthony Godfrey. The Mayor congratulated the Ambassador on his appointment and welcomed him to Nis, since this was his first visit to our city. At the meeting in the City Hall they both expressed satisfaction with the results so far and assessed that there were no obstacles for the improvement of the cooperation in all areas in the future. One example was Novi Niš Project, which is being implemented by the American company Clean Earth Capital, and where, as it was said, the first phase is expected to be successfully completed by spring next year, which would enable the continuation of work on the creation of a completely new part of the city. The Mayor informed Ambassador Godfrey about the potential of Niš in the economic, educational and cultural segments, and especially about the efforts of the local government in cooperation with the Government and the President of Serbia to make Niš a better place for living and doing business especially in terms of attracting new investors, both when it comes to large infrastructure projects, such as a wastewater treatment plant, and when it comes to organizing and improving the work of local government institutions essential for the functioning of the economy. The importance of education systems, from secondary schools to the university, was especially emphasized, as a source of professional labor that set Niš apart from other cities in Serbia and was one of the basic preconditions for attracting new investors. The importance of the American Corner, which was the first of its kind in Serbia, was emphasized at the meeting, and the importance of the participation of the United States Agency for Development (USAID) in the realization of numerous development projects in Niš in the past several decades. Mayor Bulatovic and Ambassador Godfrey agreed that, in terms of politics, the continuation of Serbia’s EU accession process was extremely important, and the Mayor stressed that it was essential to preserve peace and stability in the region of the Western Balkans as the basic precondition for any progress and prosperity.


EMDecember 2, 20191min129

November 29


Adrian Fiex, the director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, visited Nis and met with Nis City Mayor Dark Bulatovic and the member of Nis City Council for Culture Jelena Mitrovski.  During the meeting the City of Nis representatives and the director of Austrian Cultural Forum discussed the potential cooperation in the field of culture and science and connecting city institutions with partners in Austria. Austrian organization Kulturforum is founded in 2001 and operates as part of Austrian Embassy in Belgrade. Kulturforum Belgrade is in charge for promotion of Austrian culture and art in Serbia, which includes organization of contemporary and innovative projects with an idea to open new possibilities to further developments and cooperation. Numerous projects of Kulturforum focus on youth and include school competitions, student travels, seminars and “Days of Austria”. Austrian Cultural Forum supported the project KreNI and facilitated the participation of the experts from Austria in the field of creative industries.