May 17th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with Mr. Jakob Matzen, an architect and urban planner at the Technical and Environmental Department of the City of Copenhagen, on the occasion of his visit to Nis and planned lecture for the students of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering in Nis. This unique lecture will give an overview of the urban transition of the Danish capital and Mr. Matzen would share his views and knowledge on sustainable planning for the future. The lecture will focus on later years’ strategies and policies including bicycle culture, the climate plan, urban life and architecture policy. Mayor Bulatovic thanked the guest from Denmark for the experiences he would share with our students and teachers and said that cooperation at the academic level and the bringing of experts from other countries was important and mutually beneficial. The visit by Mr. Matzen is the result of the cooperation between the planning departments of the City of Nis and City of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is one of the best cities in the world by the quality of life – authorities are trying to improve and develop public transport and increase the number of inhabitants who use bicycle in everyday activities even above the current 50%, he said. Furthermore, the city is closing streets for passenger cars to make room for cycling and walking, and multi-level bicycle tracks are constructed throughout the capital.