Address Book

City of Niš

Address: 7. juli 2, 18000 Niš, Serbia

Phone: (+381-18) 50-44-11

Fax: (+381-18) 50-45-45




Mayor’s Office: +381-18/504-411

City Council Department: +381-18/504-422

Administration for Citizen Affairs: +381-18/504-488

Administration of Finance, Local Self-government Revenues and Public Procurements: +381-18/504-511

Administration of Children's Welfare, Social and Primary Health Care: +381-18/504-477

Administration of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport: +381-18/504-523

Administration for Communal Services, Energy and Traffic: +381-18/504-533

Administration for City Planning and Construction: +381-18/504-461

Administration for Real Estate and Inspection: +381-18/504-444

Administration of Economy, Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection: +381-18/504-455

Administration of Agriculture and Rural Development: +381-18/290-242