March 6th

A multifunctional cultural center in Nis will be built on 15,000 square meters, and it will be located at the corner of Nemanjic Boulevard and Blagoje Parovic Street. There are five thousand square meters of exhibition space, an amphitheater with about 1,800 seats, a large parking space, hotel, bars and restaurants envisaged for this cultural center. The contest for the design was launched in the second half of 2018, by the City of Nis Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. 10 proposals were submitted. The expert commission chose the work the architects Aleksandar Slaviković and Dejan Miletic from Belgrade. “The whole object is designed in the form of a cube that would follow the external forms and spaces that can be used during the day and outside the working hours of the building,” said Slaviković. According to him the building is conceived in the spirit of modern design but in accordance with the environment where it will be located. “There is a big gallery space, and amphitheater, cafes, as well as hotel space, where the performers will stay,”Slavikovic said. The chief city planner Nikola Lecić pointed out that the location itself is one of the last unconstructed larger blocks in this area. Within this urban block there will be the future Cultural Center which represents a multipurpose building for the needs of culture and other cultural manifestations. “The second phase is the property ownership preparation of the site that should be owned by the city before obtaining a building permit. We expect that these activities will be completed this year and that next year we will have project which will be ready to compete whether for state funds or other funds. The member of the commission, Goran Vojvodic said that the winning project design stood out not only by the quality of the solution, but also by the way in which the theme was elaborated.

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic said that the construction of this multifunctional cultural center was of great importance for the development of Nis. Culture is the first place where the state and its society are viewed, the sense of quality life and a high standard of living are not measured only by the profit, but also by the quality of educational, cultural, and art institutions in the city, with the comprehensiveness of cultural opportunities, “Bulatovic said. He added that many cities in the world built their recognizable image by some famous cultural institution or event. “By building a multi-purpose cultural center, we want to create better conditions for development and encouragement of the cultural and artistic creativity, provide better conditions for accessibility to cultural content, and encourage innovation and creativity,” Bulatovic said. “Thanks to investments Nis is developing economically, all necessary conditions are created for sustainable development and investments in sports, art, culture and all those contents that make the lives of our citizens more complete and more beautiful. In this regard, I am pleased that the City of Nis has started to implement the project of building a multifunctional cultural center and I am really pleased that we as the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects could give our contribution. I am sure that we have succeeded in our intention and that the City of Nis chose a valuable conceptual solution for a multipurpose facility whose construction is expected with great attention, not only because of the prosperity that it will bring in the field of culture, but also because it will give a completely different, urban look to the city area where it will be built”, said Milan Randjelovic, the Head of Nis City Office for Local Economic Development and Projects.

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