Dear Fellow citizens,

We are all one big family in front of whom there are the same tasks:  to build better, more successful and happier future in our common home.


On the verge of the new 2019, we can confidently tell you: we left most difficult and the worst behind. We have stabilized public finances and set solid foundation for successful, developing and working year of 2019. During the year ahead of us we are going to allocate significant funds to solve the problems which had been burdening our city for the past decades. In 2019 more resources than ever before in the history of the city will be invested in the construction of infrastructure, security and health, in science, education, culture and sports. We will build streets, water supply networks, roads and kindergartens, we will reconstruct schools and we will create more pleasant, more beautiful and more modern Nis.

Dear fellow citizens, every home, every man and every job is equally important to me. And therefore, we are working and we will be working even harder on the revival of the economy, the strengthening of the investment climate, the opening of new jobs and the higher living standard that every our citizen deserves. A year of construction is ahead of us, a year of progress, a year of new jobs, a year of peaceful, pleasant and better quality of life.

My dear fellow citizens, only as a community, gathered and united, with our work, efforts and dedication, we can create good opportunities in the coming year. All my life I have been an optimist and that is how I feel about the years to come. Strengthened by the hope and faith, we can, together, as one large family, go into a safer, more successful and better future. I wish to you health, happiness and success in 2019.

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